The Empire Strikes Back Movie Review

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R S: The Last Jedi is the only SW film to even get close to this film.

andrew jones: I always thought Darth Vader knew about Luke he was playing dumb for the emperor

Blaze Theil: Original Series - 8.7
A New Hope - 8.8
Empire Strikes Back - 8.4
Return of the Jedi - 8.9
Prequel Series - N/A
Never saw it. No regrets.
Sequel Series
The Force Awakens - 9.6
The Last Jedi - 5.7

The VGM Lover: 1:53
Yeah, this video came out 6 years ago, so I don't know how many people already pointed this out, BUT. I be needsin' to point this out, myself.

They didn't just send a ship down there to hit the generator, cos the Rebels had themselves an ion cannon, and plenty of fighters (which actually, I just thought up, myself), at the ready. A heavy ground assault may have just been the best tactic they could use. It minimises casualties, and maximises damage.

Sheriff Woody: Only 82% on Metacritic Really?!??! That is low! It should at least get a 90% I'd give it 100%.

Alec Caldwell: Chronological Order in Universe:
Phantom Menace - 5.0
Attack of the Clones - 2.5
Revenge of the Sith - 7.5
Solo - 6.5
Rogue One - 9.0
A New Hope - 9.5
Empire Strikes Back - 10.0
Return of the Jedi - 9.0
The Force Awakens - 8.5
The Last Jedi - 7.0

Loz Just Coz: My ratings -

Star Wars - 9/10
Empire strikes back - 10/10
Return of the Jedi - 8.5/10
Phantom menace - 6.5/10
Attack of the clones - 2.5/10
Revenge of the sith - 7.9/10 (I know there are many flaws although the way the emperor turns the republic into the empire is genius)
The force awakens - 8.7/10
Rogue One - 8.9/10
The Last Jedi - 7/10
Solo - 6/10

Andrew Hershberger: Jeremy has declared C3P0 and R2D2 are gay! Canon!

William Brooks: I believe A New Hope is the best Star Wars film.

Josiah Baughman: Yes there are those who argue it's the best star wars movie and that is totally cutting it to short, everyone also says that it's one of the best movies ever made period. I respectfully disagree, The Empire Strikes Back is the best movie ever made period. Like I said respectfully.

thrasherfan 96: The two gay robots 😂

Googyboss: Watching this and applying literally every comment he said to the last jedi makes fans like these hypocritical. They criticize the mistakes of the last jedi but when it comes to ESB, OH WHO GIVES A crap WE GOT THE BATTLE OF HOTH

Chris Codd: wow your a freakin retard Yoda with a light sabre was great how can you not enjoy that? Yoda was a teacher how the hell can you not understand even I know that. You really shouldn't watch complicated movies just watch Mighty Morphin power rangers or your dumb cape and mask movies! You miss key points even in star wars why people watch your reviews is mind blowing. You belong in special land its where morons get together and talk about stupid crap

UltimateNinja 1984: I just added this to my playlist literally called Epic! Jeremy,
Your channel has def grown on me. I had went on and subbed a while back. Awesome content!

Electron: “And the two gay robots”

I laughed more than I should have.

Luke Sokol: Darth Vader: I will change your adult Netflix password
Lando: I'll do anything you want

No hate on the empire strikes back, it's my favorite Star Wars movie

UltimateNinja 1984: Jedi have Landed on the main hangar bay!

Eidde Santos: "He ain't buffing man, I think he really is HIS dad."
"That's how you hook em, boom now you gotta wait 3 YEARS!" LMAO

thesiegster: Darth Vader the only man who can go down on Hoth

Kelly Gilbert: My favorite movie of all time!
The Empire Strikes Back movie review 5 out of 5

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The Empire Strikes Back movie review