Max Payne 3 Review: Is It Worth $60 Bones?

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KING IJAZ: Nigga your Review Sucks

Steven Baksh: did that guy just say that Rockstar never had a good multiplayer game what happened to GTA online jackass

Smokeshot 2115: you look better now, gamer XD

RogueDog: I think max payne 3 is one of the best underated games.

mdm Dub: I just play online

Artism: Got the ultimate edition which includes the game and ALL DLC for $15.00

john riera: Who says bones say bucks or money

MrAlen94: is definately worth the $10 that it cost right now on xbox live :)

WackyFunk Munster: Max Payne was badass, I loved it

SuperZombiepimp: I use my pc for work and to pay bills so I wouldn't call it a toy.but yes were all playing games some of us just like me like to play mmo's and rts games something the console have yet to do right also I hate playing ports

davidrayox52: who cares what your playing on just play and stfu i have a pc but that doesn't mean i have to brag about it.This why people hate pc players because they brag like little kids that their toy is better c'mon dude we're all gamers

SuperZombiepimp: playing on old tech from 05 come on man you should see the games I've been playing even when the ps4 and xbox what ever land they'll be using 2011 tech how's that next gen??? man up put the toy away and get a 2013 pc gaming reg

davidrayox52: how is it for kids the thing that matters is that we're playing video games its basically the same thing

SuperZombiepimp: Got it for 30$ on my pc console gaming is for kids

Olive Oil: People shouldn't expect too much from Rockstar games' multiplayer because they are quite new to making multiplayer for games. They only started making multiplayer in GTA 4. But the multiplayer in RDR is AWESOME though.

James Williamson: am i missing something cause i just got the game for 360 today,and as far as i can see there is no playable multiplayer unless you buy it for like 2400 Microsoft points ,if anyone knows different please let me know,good review by the way.

Abdelkrim brahmi-benalla: how about 60 ounces?

Kane Watson: Why is only one lip white

BigBoss101101: Who says "bones"? You either say "bucks" or "dollars".

ERD3S: I'am still playing it
Max Payne 3 Review: Is It Worth $60 Bones? 5 out of 5

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KING IJAZ: Nigga your Review Sucks
Ericson Medeiros: 👏👏👍👍
Cinimodder: Whoever is making this mod really needs to update, because nobody plays 1.4.6.
Rewind Reviews: Honestly after my first listen of this album I just find it really boring, most of the songs just seem to drag on and on and on, I can appreciate some of the production and instrumentation but after a minute of a song I'm just bored, hopefully it'll grow on me a bit more after my second listen
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Marco Pereira: Another year with Valve teasing the HL fans......and yet it won't come... -.-

Max Payne 3 Review: Is It Worth $60 Bones?