Dead Space 3 - Walkthrough Part 21 Let's Play Gameplay Walkthrough HD 'Dead Space 3 Walkthrough'

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Slayer Mono: Do u not know what left and right are or something like tf u with that EEI

shaq0071: that poor bastard

IQequalZero: Nope, in fact hes so "in your face", im almost positive he isnt. That other woman however, ive got my eye on her. She seems far too interested in the necros.

Jonathan Joestar: 0:41 Thank you hungry skeletons, please don't steal my gains.

Mads Corfix: Love how the unitologists are getting killed by the very creatures the seek to become

SovereignKonceptz: Deadspace. the only shooter i know where im like "freak rifles, i need an industrial grade cutter"

calmyourteacups: 6:05 time to kill regular people now

AuronGG: best walkthrough on youtube, good gamer, good video quality, secondary missions and no commentary, TOP !

Simon Jarrod: so far so good, the games looks fantastic.

Skillful: 4:50 Did not make my day...

Wolfangel23: Chainsaws make everything better.. ;o they took out the saw blades?

Kayura5: man.....for me in dead space the rifle is such a useless weapon..the plasma cutter will always be my favorite

skinnymike1: Yo Tim, I herd u leik spudkips....

TicTacPilgrim: Anyone esle like potatoes

Max Mundane: I dont like potatoes anymore...

BogusLarry: i started wondering that as soon as clarke said it was impossible for danik to have tracked them. Must be a traitor among us...

Connor Miller: what options for his gun at 1:09 is he using?

King Ahaz: For once...a video series without someone talkin all thru it! This is nice

Dante: haha yeah, happened in my playthrough as well

MrFreakingCow: was that supposed to happen?
Dead Space 3 - walkthrough part 21 let's play gameplay walkthrough HD "Dead Space 3 walkthrough" 5 out of 5

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Dead Space 3 - walkthrough part 21 let's play gameplay walkthrough HD