Mass Effect 3 Game Review

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Mass Effect 3 game review
Mass Effect 3 game review
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Rumination Analysis on Mass Effect 3
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Mass Effect 3 Review
Mass Effect 3 Review

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Coca Cola Bro: Garrus and Wrex are the two best companions in the series

QE ornotQE: I romanced Tali. Hope she was hot, cos I never completed ME3.

10k DedSec_18: garrus and femshep best romance

Micheal Sykes: My ending of mass effect 2 Garrus died. It hurt man

aka rha: this game sucks plus the main character is a fag

Adriano Faria: I have a question. Does any Mass effect game need internet for me to play it or not?

MusicisLife8393: Deus Ex is my favorite series of all time.

Legion: Totally agree.

Big Denny: Halo's my favorite Sci-Fi game series. I thought Mass Effect 3 would change my mind, but I was very wrong.

Jordan Gehl: ME1: 9.8/10ME2: 5/10ME3: 10/10

sas bet: Jeremy do a mass effect Andromeda review! Please !

Deathpool: 2:24 hes also Tullius from Skyrim

Josh Hawkins: that song is amazing XD

k moods: never played any mass effect, but ME4 looks to be AMAZING... Can I just skip the first 3? It sounds like you get pretty much a fresh start with new characters in 4 right?

Wham-A-Wham: Tali and Garrus > anyone

Kaidra OE: 2:29 and general tullius too!

Alfie Nicholson: I don't know why people bitch about this game, yes the ending sucks, get over it or download mehem, because this is a great game and people like to hate on the game for the crapty ending.

Caffeine Red Squirrel: I shot Ashley on the Citadel, annoying bitch.

Steven Stone: Holy crap, his Michael Hogan is actually really good.

SimonDP: play femshep. you gotta romance garrus. even if you're a guy
Mass Effect 3 game review 5 out of 5

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John D: not bad not bad, when you break the subs in and actually tune the amp correctly they will hit alot harder, i know ive got same in a ported box on a 2,000 watt kenwood amp hits way harder then this. all tho i also am upgrading the system waiting on my new subs to come in the mail, im going competition grade.
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Tammy Skinner: Most of us tossed the cardboard pieces, but Christy from PC said she just uses bubble wrap to keep the housing secure during transport

Mass Effect 3 game review