Mass Effect 3 Game Review

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Mass Effect 3 game review
Mass Effect 3 game review
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Mass Effect: Andromeda Review
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QE ornotQE: I romanced Tali. Hope she was hot, cos I never completed ME3.

10k DedSec_18: garrus and femshep best romance

Micheal Sykes: My ending of mass effect 2 Garrus died. It hurt man

aka rha: this game sucks plus the main character is a fag

Adriano Faria: I have a question. Does any Mass effect game need internet for me to play it or not?

MusicisLife8393: Deus Ex is my favorite series of all time.

Legion: Totally agree.

TheRandomChannel: Ashley is a bitch
Ashley Williams
Asshole Williams

Big Denny: Halo's my favorite Sci-Fi game series. I thought Mass Effect 3 would change my mind, but I was very wrong.

Jordan Gehl: ME1: 9.8/10ME2: 5/10ME3: 10/10

sas bet: Jeremy do a mass effect Andromeda review! Please !

Deathpool: 2:24 hes also Tullius from Skyrim

Josh Hawkins: that song is amazing XD

k moods: never played any mass effect, but ME4 looks to be AMAZING... Can I just skip the first 3? It sounds like you get pretty much a fresh start with new characters in 4 right?

Wham-A-Wham: Tali and Garrus > anyone

Kaidra OE: 2:29 and general tullius too!

Alfie Nicholson: I don't know why people bitch about this game, yes the ending sucks, get over it or download mehem, because this is a great game and people like to hate on the game for the crapty ending.

Caffeine Red Squirrel: I shot Ashley on the Citadel, annoying bitch.

Demitrium: Holy crap, his Michael Hogan is actually really good.

SimonDP: play femshep. you gotta romance garrus. even if you're a guy
Mass Effect 3 game review 5 out of 5

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Shannon: I couldn't stop laughing 😂😂 xxxx
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playloud90278: It looks like Packet Tracer v7.0 has added "Pipe ( | ) in show commands"
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Jose Varpgas: Hello Friend how are you? I would like you to help me a question I have. I want to know if the glass touchscreen inew v3 is compatible with the inew v3 plus? I broke the inew v3 plus in my country Venezuela and only meeting on the inew v3. thank you very much for your help and also would like you to tell me if the Glass Touch Screen and LCD Display digitizer are glued or can be purchased separately
AllRoundBeats: For some reason when I change the names It wont change the display name unless you receive the item from MOBS. If you spawn a normal Stone sword instead of been called a Primitive sword it's still called a Stone Sword any ideas?
ThurisazPL: Scrolling in this game is terrible comparing to Amiga version of Titus/Moktar. It's sad for me, that there is a working level editor for pc version (with it's unplayable scrolling), and there is no such a editor for Amiga version. Unfortunately those versions are using totally incompatible map/sprite/tile files, so conversion of editor is almost imposible. In my opinion Moktar is better than Titus too, there are only few differences in graphics and sounds, and one more level in Moktar.

Mass Effect 3 game review