Gears Of War 2 Vs Killzone 2: Final Round

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5hane9ro: I love both series but I have to go with gears of war, story wise they both have fantastic villains but the characters of gears have more heart to them, both have great multiplayer but gears feels the more different than any other game I've played, and yeah lol

TheRevkiller: De gears of war me gusta la historia, pero definitivamente me kedo con KILLZONE!!!... aunque gears no esta nada nada mal n_n

mynarr: KZ is just an generic shooter with good graphics, it's not a good game


joshlongley: how come the guns in killzone just look like a famas and a G3 nice imagination

Kermit The Frog: @MvSly14 lol i know

Martin valles: gears has some ugly ass characters O.o

Blzaer_74: Killzone2 is an awesome game.. I own both killzone games and can't wait for killzone3 to come out!! And also if you guys do some research you'll know that Sony once worked with Nintendo before playstation became of.. They betrayed Nintendo that's all I can say..

calebt1000: In my opinion i think nintendo is the most superior game company it what makes xbox 360 and ps3 . But To me thier all the same

John S: @hippiefisk It cannot be put any clearer

Antonio Figon Leyva: its even stupid how can u compare a masterpiece with an old crap like gears of war i mean its old look at killzone 2 it have way better graphics, and gameplay, awesome multiplayer im not a fanboy i actually love halo =) but honestly Killzone 2 its the best

Jack U. Laetyn Onuew: gears of war is good, but i think killzone 2 is better, just because of the gameplay. ive never seen a game with gameplay as deep as killzone 2

Junkbox 101: @Shad0wCK Well it's awesome lol I love this soundtrack actually.

ShadowCK: @AKg0Lden Of course there is going to be fanboy wars. You going to have to either settle it for yourselves or simply leave it. It's a win win situation for me as I get more views, fanboys help promote the video.

ShadowCK: @LegionOf3 Why not?

Junkbox 101: Why do you have Super Smash Bro's. music on a video about the Ps3 and 360?

Rickyee: Killzone owns the crap outa Gears in grpahics and gameplay..

luisferxxl: Gears of War FTW!!!

Anomaly: Gears of War 2 the best! Killzone 2 sucks!

Rod VonBoche: Played Killzone 2 for the first time tonight. Till now, it's just very very far from the immediate fun Gears Of War 2 procured me. I hope it gets better because i wouldn't even call Killzone 2 a good game right now...
Gears of war 2 vs Killzone 2: Final Round 5 out of 5

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The Veronique Allain: I want dreads but no one near me does them what should I do?!
DjFIL007: I found that the turn order and drafting mechanic made the game too slow.
Gabrysia Ratajczak: omg I love you!
Matheus Olanda: Meus eternos agradecimentos pelo empenho em traduzir o conteúdo dos vídeos, certamente uma bela contribuição aos entusiastas do mundo da cerveja!
kfvnetti: Фантомасик!!!!!!!!!!!!Ура!!!!!!!!!Жека ты его знаешь!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Graeme Whitelaw: Stunning looking bike, sounds great, a true credit to you my friend. best of luck with it.

Gears of war 2 vs Killzone 2: Final Round