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Dakota Sky: Flemish is a Dutch dialect spoken in north Belgium.

As for the movie, it deserves at least 8. I’ve never seen anything like it. And Matthias Schoenaerts is a magnificent actor.

Fark: These morons are completely clueless. I can't believe they manage to get paid doing this. Done with this channel.

kristof privat: at 5:20 he really sees how its like in europe being a criminal. in america a criminal is a meth junkie with a gun. EATCH CRIMINAL IN AMERICA got a gun. in belgium and other european country's they dont use guns. cause its not allowed.... ofcors some do but first its psychological aggression.... and it makes them more powerfull then american criminals. because if u use ur anger and agression on a person in america and the victim feel in danger. they pull a gun to defend themselves. in europe its not like that. its all about the basic insticts. who is bigger,stronger,its all about fearing ur victim without a gun..... and in the end one backs off. its basicly the mafia in the pure form.it that makes sence

kristof privat: just for the record..... the movie is not just in dutch its in a accent called flemish and we got,.even in are small country 15 diffrent accents . FOR EXAMPLE if a person from west vlaanderen(western flanders) speaks to a person from antwerp(62 miles away) in there full accent,the person from antwerp wont even understand most of what the western flanders person says. its just amazing! its so hard to explain that u can only explain it when ur speak to a person its all about the way they say the word .

for example the word Nieweird is a western flanders word. when a person from antwerp reads this word it hese no meanin! nothing at all!its not even in the belgium dictionary .but if a guy from western flanders says it to a person in a way. its HUGE insulting! basicly ur telling the person hese worth nothing. but can said in 10 diffrent ways. LIKE if u seen the movie DONNIE BRASCO, when the gangers say to eatch other. forget about it! exact same thing

unknow number: man dit is zo een goede film . ik raad die aan iedereen om te zien ;) yeah baby

jean paul copier: And many. . .. Ha ha.. . ... Narcisistic ...

jean paul copier: I see many... Modern narcissistic Woman . ..

Spirit Caravan '79: Great movie, I loved it.

daniel mcdermott: Any film depicting the mafia tends to work for me.

dothedeed: If the violent scene with the kid makes your wife so emotional she has to stop watching because she's imagining it happening to her son, then why take points off for that? The fat guy makes no sense. The other guy is basically saying I'm a dumb lazy American and I don't know the difference between Belgium and The Netherlands and I don't care. I'm never watching another one of your reviews. 

dothedeed: Its not a simple matter about him abusing steroids - he NEEDS the testosterone. He's not just some dumb dude who wants to get bigger at the gym. We NEVER see him working out EVER. He's a farmer his job his workout. Its a beautiful movie and these cunts just blabber nonsense and trivialize it.

lxryb 8: I hear you can dissect a film critics asdhole and nothings appears but craps and giggles? You freaks arre clueless

milwparnassum: GREAT movie !! see it! Matthais' performance is awesome!

Jirachi03 -: The movie is in a dialect from St. Truiden( a village) . ;)

noize2040: yup US movies are remakes,book adaptations,sequels,chick flicks ...actually most ppl dont even go to the movies nowdays.... i saw this on NETFLIX...really good ass movie... IFC would probably play it.

s550 Luvn: Could anybody recommend some similar films? I really enjoyed Bullhead VERY much :)

billaucoin: Indeed, and recently (last year), a meat maffia king pin arranged hitmen to kill a castle lord. Just google "Castle murder suspect identified" and you will read the latest update. The trial is upcomming. The hitman died of cancer (he was uncurable) a few weeks after the murder in 2012. Hollywood can't even make up this, yet it is reality in Belgium. After all, this is the land of the surrealistic painter Magritte!

tweetdezweet: just for those saying there is no meat maffia... the murder of Vannoppen says enough, if you dont know who that was you havent been reading newspapers during the nineties

penalcrack: ok.

Clanki: Sadly the USA doesn't skim out on movies I haven't seen a good one for 3-5 years. District 13 (the first one) was great and the main actor was the one who invented Parkour. Also SADLY the USA does NOT skim the top in exporting movies. I have walked out of three movies in my life. All three were American. One was when I was 12-14 year old "Operation Dumbo" then "Meet Dave" and finally this year "Jack and Jill" I couldn't stand more than half the movie then I said screw it and left.
Bullhead - Movie Review 5 out of 5

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Bullhead - Movie Review