Dans Youtube Culture Opinion Thing

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dans youtube culture opinion thing
dans youtube culture opinion thing
YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind
YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind | #YouTubeRewind
Don't Blame the Fans | Re: YouTube Culture
Don't Blame the Fans | Re: YouTube Culture
Youtube Culture | Vicky
Youtube Culture | Vicky
YouTube Culture
YouTube Culture

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Dirty Daniel: Phil me up

miruna268: that was the coolest homework ever

💜Monnie💜: "Listen to a genre on music you think you hate and try to like some of it" Hmmm not a bad idea; best thing I've heard all day, seriously.
EDIT: trying to think of a genre "I think I hate" 🤔

løss -: I failed my homework assignment. I tried listening to country music. I really did. But I just...can't like it. I'm sO SORRY

Kat Culbertson: I respectfully disagree with Dan on this. Yes, he makes more of an effort than some youtubers to interact with his viewers directly, but in other ways the phandom does represent scary youtube culture. Not so much that there's a wall, but him and Phil get idolized (by many viewers, not all) in a way that no one ever should be or deserves to be. This community has experience with how bad fan culture can get. It's not the result of any bad intentions on the part of the youtubers or the viewers, but it's definitely a thing. Dan can feel free to not join this conversation (that I know mostly happened 3 years ago) on youtube if he doesn't want to, but I don't like that he dismissed it as unnecessary drama. I'm glad it's being acknowledged and talked about openly.

Ana Jose: Did my "homework". Still not liking reggaeton. Sorry

Alexandra Ratliff: Oh my god it's like the original bo Burnham country song satire

Allie Smart: When you don't hate any genre of music…

Ines Baum: What does he mean when he says "he hates youtubers being dramatic and dragging other people into conversations because there are also other yotubers"? What is he exactly talking about?

KSA: I don't like kpop
(and before yall blow up, I have reasons, okay. And it's not the "lyrics don't make sense" "plastic surgery" bs, I have actual (although somewhat petty) reasons
and no, I am a Korean and I speak Korean and I DO understand the lyrics)

it's not hard for me to like kpop though.
So that's cool.

faicotone: Least favorite genre for me is rap. And I don't hate rap, I like a very tiny portion of rap. Does this mean I have to find a specific kind of rap that I hate and try to find one that I like? Nah too much work. Sorry Dan.

Corey Holt: If Dan dropped a country album, I'd listen to country.

faded rainbow :3: But I don't want to listen to pop

Em lr: I show people this when they wonder why I can never find a guy that I like as much/more than someone who happens to live on the other side of the world to me, and happens to be married to his best friend, wait what

starseer73: I think there is a gap between Youtubers and the viewers. They have an advantage over us. He may not see us at fans but that's what we are -- he replies to some of us, he chooses what aspects of his life to show us, he acts on camera for views. That is a gap.

Also this was before the book 

verifiedmartian: Country music..... Or as I like to call it farm emo

p-k: an mah trucks an beer an mah freedom

thephanboy: charlie.. skies?

sasha jean: lol dan is a mess 

iforgotmyusername: Dan, I love you and all but I just CANNOT listen to country.
dans youtube culture opinion thing 5 out of 5

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Jermaine Rey: Who he needs to fight in The Heavyweight Division if they only have 4 big names including himself. And he called all of them out but they back down. So tell me this, when he knock all them out I guess he still a bum huh?!!!
My Happy Life: nice video
EUROBROTHERS: Gandi Boa noite, como faz a configuração do G27 para reconhecer as machas, ou ele ja vem com a configuração?

Bria Michaels: every girl reading this right now-----STOP USING BOX DYES!!!!! please!
hhcosminnet: Bought this one a few months ago along with 4 5ah batteries. It is great for me as I never used a chainsaw before. No stinky fuel mix, no sparkplug, no fumes, little noise.
You have to let the weight of the saw do the cutting as it will trigger protection if you push it too hard.
It can do something like 20-30 minutes of continuous runtime on a pair of 5ah that will charge up in an hour or so. The charge time is almost double if the battery is hot. It will charge the 5ah in 50 minutes when cold, and in 90 minutes if it was used intensely. It is a reason why the charger has the fans. If you use it you will most likely go close to an hour of use as you position stuff, carry. You will rarely get to run the saw continuously from full to empty without having breaks. So get two pairs of batteries to do some significant work.

Dirty Daniel: Phil me up
Lauren Iimation: Pawesometv? THE pawesometv?

dans youtube culture opinion thing