Bleeding The Brake System

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Bleeding the Brake System
Bleeding the Brake System

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Handi Lankots: Accidently I watched this video and voila - the same kit I just bought today. Many thanks for the help! Got my car's brakes working again.

james bailey: hi you are a great and good man with a very intelligent brain that will teach me great things .

David Jones: I bought this little gadget at my AutoZone and it worked like a bloomin' CHARM! FANTASTIC!

I did NOT do this "solo." I had the missus come out and press the brake pedal. I felt really sure that I was getting a good "bleed" because: 1) I could see the bubbles going through the clear hose, and 2) I had her pump the brake pedal until the brake fluid was clear.

I brought an empty plastic gallon jug and funnel to the car. Each time the little bottle filled up, I dumped it into the gallon bottle. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE BRAKE FLUID RESERVOIR! I had to top it off after EACH wheel. As a matter of fact, when I did the first (farthest) wheel, I refilled the reservoir "mid-bleed."

Follow the directions on the video. You can do it!

Johnathan Santiago: What if I'm only changing the front driver side caliber do I still need to bleed all the breaks

559KING: This bleeding sequence is not for every vehicle. Consult your manual for exact sequence recommendation. My vehicle starts from my driver front. All vehicles are different.

Harold Childs: good video's

Miguel Chavez: My favorite tool for bleeding my brakes! I use the needle nose tip that it comes with and insert it into the bleeder valve.

toober5000: The one I got has a lot weaker magnet than I thought it would be. Granted the bottle is probably only 3 ounces, but seems like it could easily get weaker over time and fall off when it gets full.

Check Mate: Doesnt the bleeder bottle have to be above the bleeder nipple?

Corpus Callosum: Where do they sell those long nut bleeder zerks?

81 O: the hose is too small to even go onto the bleeder is there any thing I can do? gbody cutlass

Optimus Prime: Hi, what is the whole purpose of the brake bleed? If I only want to compress the wheel cylinder so I can put the drum brake back on is this what I do?

ro D SMI: You forget to inform us to put the caps back on.

Simon G.: His show.......Weekend Mechanic

Simon G.: Bruce Bonebrake was a mentor to myself back in the 90's, He is an automotive teacher in a school. I learned more from this man then from my father. Patience is everyghing.
Dont knock this man, he shows his trade tricks none of you brainiacks could ever think of.

kingtrevorlive: the guy is kinda boring. lets get a girl in a bikini in the background.
come on autozone dont be cheap.

Brian K Kinney: Your video shows a much larger tube than the kit comes with. The tubes that come with the kit are far to small to work. The tube needs to be 1/4" not 1/8". Why do they provide such a tiny tube? Are we missing something?

Vespanation: Cool, but not possible.  Why?  I bought this "one man bleeder tool" at Autozone.  Took it home, looked at it, and found that there is NO CHECK VALVE IN THIS TOOL.  The check valve is the key to the whole project.   No check valve?  Then this procedure is impossible.  If they only made the tool correctly!

Wolf Rosche: Will this work for bleeding clutch too

Daniel Nugent: I love the safety message at the end that says always wear your safety goggles, when the whole way through the video he is not wearing any!!
Bleeding the Brake System 5 out of 5

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Bleeding the Brake System