Convert DSLR Video For Editing

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Convert DSLR Video For Editing
Convert DSLR Video For Editing
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How to Edit DSLR Video on Your Phone (And any other camera with an SD card!)
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Matt McLellan: I'm on windows and when  ever i compress to quicktime I only get audio

Noam Chojnowski: hi i ve succeeded to download the converter, but i miss the proapps quicktime codecs, so i downloaded them from apple's link, and when i try to install them i get this message :
"ProApps Codecs can't be installed on this disk. An error occurred while evaluating JavaScript for the package"
and i can't install it on all of my disks
would u know why ?

Johnny Lovv: also faster rendering times compared to stock footage ?

Ecrewyy Halo: Great tutorial i was wondering if you could help me. Question i ask is if mpeg streamclip works with windows 8 ? Thank you and subbed!

Magiii: If you are working on a windows, do you still convert to apple prores even though you are not using a mac ?

mrpranjy: what codec do you suggest to transcode DSLR h.264 footage for use in adobe premiere pro? i have premiere 2.0, the free release. I tried cineform and it didn't work too well, and i don't have apple dvcpro HD either. trying to figure out a free codec I can use

Helpintosh: That's a problem even I have been struggling with. Prores won't show up in the export options in any program on windows. I'll try to figure it out and let you know if anything works.

Abel Perez- Arita: I am trying to convert the h.264 files to apple prores on my Windows that clearly does not have fcp. I use an apple at my friend's studio and I'm trying to get the workload of converting done at home. I downloaded the codec that you provided but prores does not show up under the drop down button of compression. Is the coded not compatible with windows and streamclip by itself?

nrl asyiqin: no offence but your accent is so annoying -.- but it's okay .

Jaatiin Godwaani: Thanks! The air like noise is only in cannon video files. I have an old mac book pro (2009) and sound dint work,i tried playing the same files on a latest mac, it worked. I want the file to work universally.I tried the same file on a random windows pc, the audio was there but video was but video was stuck. Iv uploaded my video on youtube and same voice problem is coming. (No sound in video recording / dialogues part of the video). gotta fix it from the grass root.

Helpintosh: That does sound a little weird. I could understand if there was no sound at all, that could be because of missing codecs. But nonetheless, try installing the latest H.264 codec on your PC. The fact that it plays well on the mac books means there's nothing wrong with the file itself. Also the air like noise, does it play in the background when you play other audio files too?

Jaatiin Godwaani: Hi ... i ve shot videos with cannon 550 d... i can only hear the sound of the recorded video in the camera display, when i transfer it to the computer , there is no sound (some vierd air like noise comes instead of sound sound in the video). the very same files are working fine when played back in camera and these wiles also work in latest mac books, but on normal computers at large... there is no sound.... just air like voice in place of sound.. need ur help .... thanks bro!

laizen31: Hi, im using a PC and I have already installed the Avid DNxHD but I cant see it on the compression options? what to do?

Godfrey Torrance: imovie sucks

JC5 Productions: You know I never understood why having the video interlaced is set as a default setting.

shawn wytch: im thinking of upgrading

shawn wytch: I had Started getting real busy im back on it now. do you use a mac?

Helpintosh: Thanks a lot man! How're you doing? It's been a long time. You have got some awesome videos on your channel too!


Helpintosh: ProRes is good for after effects too! :)
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Convert DSLR Video For Editing