TBS Discovery - Fatshark 5.8 GHz 250mW Range-Test (FPV)

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Evan Fudge: Excellent and helpful video

steven keene: I have the stock antenna and my range is verry poor , do you think the upgrade antenna would make any differents ?

TheGray Aviator: If you can get better antennas, I am sure you will be able to fly a lot farther.

paulkazjack: is this the view you are seeing through the goggles

ben chya: no obstacle thats why u get 1.2km try to the forest or many houses.. u cant get that far :)

frajje: My first thought is that you should change your antennas to circular polarized immediately! Then you will game a lot more range!

kniefi: on my fat shark module with standard antennas i am losing signal at about 300-350m, that is a bit diappointing. So what way should antennas point at? I also plan on upgrading to better antennas.

frajje: Oh damn! That's gooood!! I have a different setup now and will try it on my bixler!

Len d: I got 6km (limit of flyablity) I have the same setup predator v2 250mw with spironet antennas but its mounted on a plane.

frajje: Hah oh okay, I see. The original antennas suck so bad :). I recommend circular polarized antennas.. Skew planar wheel antennas or a combo with now skew planar wheel and a clover leaf antenna. ImmersionRC has a combo with the above. SpiroNet is the name of those. I use them. Hop this helps

frajje: Oh, okay.. I have naza v1 and I had no problem getting it to work. I started out with the original receiver for the 9x and then just changed it to the frsky. I don't even remember if I did any changes in the naza app

wepootheuser: Hi, did you have any issues making the frsky and naza connect? I have a 9x, frsky and naza v2 and I can't quite pinpoint my icon edition issue yet. Some people say the 9x cannot be in PPM, some say the frsky has different refresh rates to naza specifications. Any advise?

Diego Chicharro: I have the antenna that comes .. That antennas do you recommend for me to get to kilometer? regards

frajje: What antennas are you using?

Diego Chicharro: Good video. I have a 250mw FPV, I have pesimo range, as you get both rank?, Greetings

logicron: Thanks for the info! Curious about the Dominator HD that people are writing about

frajje: When I used the predator googles I got a more gray ish picture but when i changed to Base sd, the quality got way better. So I think it´s a combination, bad lcd and bad camera.

logicron: cool thanks for that tip with the gopro. Ill upgrade my camera i also got with the fatshark package. Do you also experience almost no colors with this fatshark setup? Only when my quad is leveled i get kind of good picture but facing the ground or sky it gets kind of "white" ish.

frajje: The gopro isn't a very good fpv camera, too wide field of view and bad at handling light and dark. At the moment I use the standard (think it's the 400 ish tvl) fatshark camera that came with my presetor kit (wich I don't use anymore) but I'm upgrading to a 600 tvl camera that handles light better and gives a better quality! Check out my other range-test.. I made it twice as far on the same stuff ;)

logicron: Allrigh cool! Any specific reason for not using the gopro with the fatshark. What cam are you using for fpv? the one that comes with the hobbyking fatshark set? I want to get better quality than that one but dont know if the fashark are "limited" and it wont make a difference with a gopro or another cam for fpv. Thanks for the info ill buy my FrSky to get better range!
TBS Discovery - Fatshark 5.8 GHz 250mW Range-Test (FPV) 5 out of 5

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TBS Discovery - Fatshark 5.8 GHz 250mW Range-Test (FPV)