Alice Madness Returns : Review

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Alice: Madness Returns Review!
Alice: Madness Returns Review!
CoinOpTV - Alice Madness Returns Review
CoinOpTV - Alice Madness Returns Review
Alice Madness Returns Review
Alice Madness Returns Review
Raychul Reviews: Alice - Madness Returns
Raychul Reviews: Alice - Madness Returns
Alice Madness Returns review
Alice Madness Returns review

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Jennifer Flanders: I played on the PC and the graphics were amaaazing.

roxasora225: Great review man! I love this game so much, and most of the reviews I've seen for this game make it seem horrible, but those idiots have no sense in gaming at all. I'm glad I found a review that has pretty much the same ideals I have for the game, but I would have liked for you to have given us a rating for it. Other than that, thanks for posting this great review!! :)

Drug and Alcohol Lady: Graphics look great on PC. Consoles suck of course

tara3242: @brawyn777 im ten, got this game a few weeks ago. It didnt scare me to much and there was no pop oit scary stuff. Just the creepy slow stuff. I would say this game is well worth the money with exciting gameplay, creative worlds, and insane fun

J: he is god review he answerd all my qestions i just subbed better than ign

Moon Moon: The graphics aren't incredible?! What the hell does that mean?! D< The artwork was some of the most substantial aspects in this game.

D-Zombie: hey i subed

Emily Gregory: this game looks creepy,is it worth the money?

cerasgate: What a nice way to conclude a video. :DDD

xpanik17x: @justinistech lol you sound jealous

Gabriel Divina: @justinistech five head actually

Kev Flynn: haha he looks like sheldon from big bang theory

yannick125: great review bro!!!!!!

Techstation: BAZINGA!

justin joseph: @FFAGLITCHES

justin joseph: @mrisump true but hes bald tooo.........

mrisump: @justinistech Everyone does, most people just have their forehead covered by hair.

SamVision: @manishrana51 A game that involves jumping from platform to platform. Such as Mario games.

justin joseph: @sergore just telling the truth he has a huge fore head

myselfmiky: what's the wallpaper on your iMac???
Alice Madness Returns : Review 5 out of 5

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Alice Madness Returns : Review