Net10 LG Optimus Net Android 360 Overview

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Net10 LG Optimus Net Android 360 overview
Net10 LG Optimus Net Android 360 overview
LG Optimus Net Review
LG Optimus Net Review
LG Optimus Net Video Review
LG Optimus Net Video Review
Net10 Wireless LG Optimus Net Review #
Net10 Wireless LG Optimus Net Review #
LG Optimus NET Android Smartphone Review (P1):
LG Optimus NET Android Smartphone Review (P1):

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Dalton334: Great phone was my first Android 4 years ago. Now I have Samsung Galaxy S3.

elizabeth brown: I bought my boyfriend one from ebay last year for christmas and phone worked wonderful. It was refurbished but it worked wonderfully i think it ran off of the sprint network. Excellent customer service too.

zephyr Dok: STUPID freakING SONG!

Goldy/Shadow The Parrot: Lisa download music monster it downloads every song

Tyrica Jones: Memory card slot no sim slot

Tyrica Jones: This phone ain't to bad. It does everything except front camera. It has no similar card slot. U don't need it. And to down load your song of choice, download an app for full sing downloads. Must have a memory card. I love my phone but time for upgrade.

alesea frazier: yes its on the right side i have this phone..

Lisa Adamson: I just got this phone but dont know why to download songs or change ringtone. I what Bon Jovi music.

River: Does it have a SIM card slot? I have it and can't find it....

MattNT10: Hi Mckenzie! This is Matt from NET10 Wireless. We are willing to help you get your issue situated. Please send us an email at with your phone number, serial number and contact number together with the most convenient time for us to call you. Also, before you download the games/applications on the phone you need to make sure that you have enough memory to save it.

McKenzie Wight: when i go to sprint to talk about my issues with my phone which i have a lot! they keep telling me that they do not run through net10 when net10 tells me they do... -___- i only have like 4 apps and i went to download a game it said that i didn't have enough space on this phone it sucks i wouldn't get it..

justjakk: I simply love this phone. Everything about it is awesome for me! However, I do plan on upgrading to the Optimus Q, when I get the money up.

justjakk: is this serious?

MattNT10: Hi Supersass2010, this is Matt from Net10 Wireless. Our NET10 LG Optimus Net is one of our Android phones that is powered by Sprint. Choosing a GSM phone will help you in getting phones compatible to AT&T tower. A subscriber identity module (SIM) card will help you identify what phone is connected to AT&T tower. In this regard, SIM cards labeled with TF64SIMC4 and TFSIMC4 indicates connection with AT&T network. For further inquiries, please email us at Thanks.

supersass2010: CDMA or GSM, what model would I have if I wanted to have coverage compatible to AT&T. I bought his phone, and I noticed that inside my house the wifi signal did not light up. If I took it somewhere else, it would work. (The signal would light up). II was told some time back to get a model with a "g" so it would cover my area well, but I think this is a "c", am I right? I bought it from hsn with a lot of accessories, unlimited minutes included but didn't renew because of the problem.

Dareon Williams: i just got this phone because i thought it was gsm and used a sim card ... it doesn't i'm freeaking out because i bought 4 can anyone help!!!!

shypokemon: It must be GSM because you need a sim card?

Too Spooky Films: This phone requires the $50 card. If it wasn't required, I would've bought this already.

Josh Cooper: Yep, no contract needed and you can buy any card amount you want.

Josh Cooper: I bought this phone 10 days ago. The Android OS is impeccable, and yes, the internet is very reasonable, voice quality is great, and I just went on a trip from Knoxville, TN to Queens, NY and the reception was great. ps. For International calls, you can download Google Talk on the Android and after setting it up, international calls are FREE. Yes, free. Hope this helps.
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Wyatt Madden: Fitting music
Dalton334: Great phone was my first Android 4 years ago. Now I have Samsung Galaxy S3.
shacarna Wilson: I love u
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Net10 LG Optimus Net Android 360 overview