Lactic Acidosis

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Lactic Acidosis description. Analogy: dirty aquarium
Lactic Acidosis description. Analogy: dirty aquarium

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Luke Schneider: I don't know you at all...maybe it may be too early.....but....I think I love you ! :-) Keep up the great tutorials ! I loved this one !!!!

doggi: so what do u think of
keto diet?

Muuip: Excellent presentation!Very helpful!

Manjit Dhami: Thank you so much

Niyaz Ashraf: very useful video ! wish you all the very best !

ricki alex: Hello! Thanks for sharing! Hope you wont mind me sharing.. have you heard the talk about " Vidadsmedia What is Type 2 Diabetes " (search on google)? My female cousin who works in the health & beauty industry had some dealings with them and was impressed by their great testimonials and reviews and tried their recommendation!

gabby ruiz: do you have any experience, knowledge, or reference with high lactic acid and ammonia together. Due to defected Mitochondria, metabolic disease..? universities having trouble understanding, no text book info. med history is very complex,would appreciate any opinions, research, etc. I cannot accept I am the only one with such abnormalities. Thank you very much

KAPYOTI: JANET THANK FOR SHARING . Could Radon be one of the inhibitors?

haval baram: Thanks for this nice presentation… could you please sen me the reference of that presentation ??.. 
my email address is
with my regards 
Haval Othmn 
Anesthesiologist from Sweden 

akalyptos123: Το βιντεακι γαμαει... μπραβο!

Emc2Carlos: Excelente video!, ojalá puedas subir más, nada como la combinación de bioquímica con Fisiopatología (:
Lactic acidosis 5 out of 5

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Lactic acidosis