Room Tour 2013

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ULTIMATE Gaming Setup Review / Room Tour (Sept 26, 2013)
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ROOM TOUR!!!  ♡ Alisha Marie
ROOM TOUR!!! ♡ Alisha Marie
Room Tour
Room Tour

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heyNeda joon: I love your desk Lisa!

djeanfoley: Your hair looks very pretty down! Love your videos!!!! :)

NickaPaulo: Love your shoes. Shoe haul please =)

Haidee: love how you organised everything

Jennybear2003: I seen on pinterest that you can roll up magazines to help your boots keep their shape! Just an idea ;)

cybc77: Love your shoe collection!

Lisasz09: Beautizine :o) She has a blog and online magazine and does some videos

Lisasz09: the canon is zoomed out as far as it will go! :o(

cortiees: I would definitely only use the canon to film and just zoom out.

MorganCultura: Your hair looks fabulous! The color is perfect, very beautiful! I love it!

LadyKatsuyu: The light is really good here!

nally: your hair looks so nice!

Andi A: A review on CoverFx cream foundation please? :)

marykayandelle: i wish you did ootds but i know its not your style. maybe you'll consider it.

TheQUBANQT: I'm happy to hear you're still getting use of your original cannon and didn't need to buy a new cam,

TheQUBANQT: Great tour. Thanks for sharring.

bchgurl321: We are getting ready to buy a house.. Now I think we need a 5 bedroom house.. We need a 4 bedrooms because we need one extra room for an office.. But now I need one for make up and shoes/purses/clothes! Ack! My husband will appreciate this! LOL

Yolandi Barnard: Your hair looks so nice :) nice video, however I do prefer the canon

Niamh Dillon: You look fantastic :)

ColorMyWorld20: Thanks for sharing.nicely organized.
Room Tour 2013 5 out of 5

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G. Z.: You barely said anything good or bad about it. Nice review.
heyNeda joon: I love your desk Lisa!
Ben James: For some reason, minecraft keeps crashing. It opens, stays black and then it closes. It says the error is in the PartRegister (named mine to PartFactory) and, consequently, in the mod's principal class. Can you tell me what's happening? BTW, I'm using IntelliJ, if it makes a diference.
Dan Kevin: oh bloody tears
Terran Hirons: mscarson would be the ultimate diplomat shes always unarmed
PAPERBOY STACK: The music is 🔥🔥🔥
Jack Kent: Hello I Love your videos! But could you Please tell me the Correct way of stacking Layers? is it like this? from Top To Bottom? - ( Ink, Multiply - Shading, Normal - Flats, Normal - Pencil, Normal - (Print, - Jpeg or Drawing) - Normal - Paper, Normal ,) Thanks! I Hope That you can answer my question?, I am really liking the program but I am working alone, and want to learn the Right Way! Thank You!!!!

Room Tour 2013