Room Tour 2013

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heyNeda joon: I love your desk Lisa!

djeanfoley: Your hair looks very pretty down! Love your videos!!!! :)

NickaPaulo: Love your shoes. Shoe haul please =)

Haidee: love how you organised everything

Jennybear2003: I seen on pinterest that you can roll up magazines to help your boots keep their shape! Just an idea ;)

cybc77: Love your shoe collection!

Lisasz09: Beautizine :o) She has a blog and online magazine and does some videos

Lisasz09: the canon is zoomed out as far as it will go! :o(

cortiees: I would definitely only use the canon to film and just zoom out.

MorganCultura: Your hair looks fabulous! The color is perfect, very beautiful! I love it!

TheSeb018: The light is really good here!

nally: your hair looks so nice!

Andi A: A review on CoverFx cream foundation please? :)

marykayandelle: i wish you did ootds but i know its not your style. maybe you'll consider it.

TheQUBANQT: I'm happy to hear you're still getting use of your original cannon and didn't need to buy a new cam,

TheQUBANQT: Great tour. Thanks for sharring.

bchgurl321: We are getting ready to buy a house.. Now I think we need a 5 bedroom house.. We need a 4 bedrooms because we need one extra room for an office.. But now I need one for make up and shoes/purses/clothes! Ack! My husband will appreciate this! LOL

Yolandi Barnard: Your hair looks so nice :) nice video, however I do prefer the canon

Niamh Dillon: You look fantastic :)

ColorMyWorld20: Thanks for sharing.nicely organized.
Room Tour 2013 5 out of 5

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Achawat Kleajun: สนใจแฟรนไชส์มาก จะติดต่อไปโดยเร็วครับ
Anais bkiss: what am I supposed to do w u /?? omfg! :*
electricadventures: This looks like quite a nice game, have played the Lynx version before and that's pretty good too.
Douglas W. Rink: big o right there
Mark Broe: Really great video. More lectures from Aman would be great.
rochae 03: Anyone know that white jacket in the back on the right
robert m: 1:07 really cute

Room Tour 2013