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Coresh1970: Теперь Макс - ты просто обязан приделать к ней темляк! (и тут шютка)
Jaclyn's Vlogs: @ADHDEnhanced Hahahaha yes, yes I am a ninja! Just look at my username! :D
KOTYAR0: God, I love those awesome Cold War era control buttons, I would NEVER EVER would have expected them to be on a game console
LAURA: 想請問之前都是怎麼分裝卸妝棉片的?

Xcess MusiQue: wow compared to my 350z this is a freakin beast!!!
FallenChaos: Wow!! You are extremely lucky!! Are you ever in search/ in need of code cards? :o
rafi rafi: htc is very fluid

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