Rewinding Battletoads

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Battletoads - Rare Replay - Be Kind, Rewind... And Kick Butt! - HGR
Battletoads - Rare Replay - Be Kind, Rewind... And Kick Butt! - HGR

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Dominique Stewart: BRO! do A CHRISTMAS CAROL!! hahaha

be8282: in australia we only got the game, i think it was (nes or snes) i never even knew there was a cartoon

Xaku Ra: yo dat boy nate got bars...

Tokyo Inooshi: A Christmas Story please review that classic!!!

Jimmy Wright: Aye Nate Bro Your Great You Should Do A Movie Named Mikey You Can FIND A Lot Wrong With That movie

Nope Nah: For Christmas movies, that claymation movie where santa becomes immortal or Christmas Everyday, Christmas Everyday had dude from that movie Brink in it, and oh yeah Brink for future reference

SonErson: the Grinch (Jim Carrey version)

Willy G TripleThreatParodies: THE GRINCH 

Paulos: REWIND MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET, or JINGLE ALL THE WAY, or RUDOLF THE RED NOSE REINQUEER, I know at least one of those with your touch would be great- Nate!

Paulos: So short... damn.

KingRayRay_09: I don't have a holiday movie but, after the holidays toy should take a look at how terrible the movie "Guyver" is

Phostings1: Christmas with the Kranks, duh!

George Georgiev: Well, it's probably too late now, but anyway: you should rewind "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever". It's so bad. So very bad.

holyshaman: Lol they ripped off street sharks who ripped off ninja turtles.

carolinaprodigy19: year without santa claus

Jonid Crushfire: Nightmare Before Christmas? The old Rudolph movie with the misfit toys? ANY of the Tim Allen movies? It is hard to narrow it down to one movie... How about Die Hard 2? That was totally a Christmas movie.

EDIT: Or Bad Santa - the Billy Bob Thorton movie.

shadowboss3: How about rewinding the movie Gremlins. It was set in Christmas.

Zer0 Dubstep: Rewind Home Alone. You know, the movie about the kid that grows up to become the guy from Saw.

Demont Davis: You gotta rewind Jingle All the Way. It's absolute gold!

Jenga Unchained: Rewind Home Alone. For the love of freaking god rewind Home Alone!
Rewinding Battletoads 5 out of 5

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kairous ken: you gotta update this video
Dominique Stewart: BRO! do A CHRISTMAS CAROL!! hahaha
hazel13 lam: 請問能問一下用什麼app才能將手機畫面傳到電腦上嗎??像影片中那樣
Luc Van Roekeghem: the Windows version is the best
Robert Strube: quel bel endroit.c'est magique!
Chris Thompson: Special deal? How about rent, utilities, wages, maintenance costs, insurance, permits and licenses to the owner have nearly tripled in cost since the release of these games 30 years ago. You will have a hard time finding most of these games with the coin counters showing a profit. Stop being a cheap sob, it's 50 cents. If you can't afford it, ask for a bigger allowance.
William Reed: May 29, 1977 was my 13th birthday. A.J. Foyt won the Indy 500 in '77.

Rewinding Battletoads