First Law Of Thermodynamics: Internal Energy, Heat, And Work

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pinkybananas1: thank you

Muhammad Saad Khan: still im confuse in w sign kindly explain

D P: Google says when work is done by the system, it's positive. Could you please explain your reasoning for why work done by system is negative.

The abby mac: i took a shot every time you said ok .........very helpful though thanks a lot !!!

77Fortran: Really good stuff this, thanks very much! :)

Ali Darwiche: Good video. I've just subscribed. Keep it up.

Pete Chapuswike: Your explanations are so simple and straight to the point, easy to understand. Please keep up the good work, madam!

Amiel Dionisio: thank you very much! :D

Baneen Sasha: Hi thanks for a wonderful video it help me a lot, just I have one question... Why there is negative charge in the work equation??

super geek: Is it not 101.3 kJ instead of 101.3 j ?. I thought 1 atm = 101.33 kpa and not 101.33 pa ? Thank you for the rest of the video though, it was very informative. So the answer should be 780kj.

Ezekiel Eugene: Hi there, Mrs or Miss Shawn
Thank you for your lectures. It gives me a clearer picture and more understanding of what this topic is all about.

PLEASE, if it will interest you with time, I would want you to upload a lecture on CONVERSION UNITS AND MEASUREMENTS, SIGNIFICANT FIGURES AND SOLUBILITIES. Those are some of the easy but complex things that fails most students in school especially me.

Thanks once again for your humane lecture. I know it takes alot of time especially when it is for free. But I promise you are contributing to the development of future generation by setting a standard to improve peoples understanding and ways of thinking without knowing. Good job.

I love your lecture.
keep it up.

Diana Rodriguez: Thank you so much. I understand it now. :) 
First Law of Thermodynamics: Internal Energy, Heat, and Work 5 out of 5

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First Law of Thermodynamics:  Internal Energy, Heat, and Work