3D Illusion Novelty LED Lamps

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3D illusion novelty LED lamps
3D illusion novelty LED lamps
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Denden 7773: where can i buy them

DoctorX17: The power button on the base is capacitive touch -- so when you put your finger on it, it changes the capacitance of the circuit, and the microcontroller inside will do whatever it's supposed to do when it changes by a certain value. They probably just didn't make it quite sensitive enough, so sometimes when you touch it, it's a bit shy of the change it's looking for. I noticed when you mentioned it, the first time you tapped and it didn't go, your finger didn't cover as much of that spot as the second time when it did, so that's probably it. You might be able to make it more sensitive... Although you'd have to reverse-engineer the programming for the microcontroller, which I suspect you're a little busy for. You could slow down the rainbow party mode too if you wanted though

sefutube: I thought they were 3 dimension but they were only 2 I got clickbaited

The Brad lantern: If you use the usb you don't need batteries or anything right

Chris Wellman: I have a pot leaf one!!
My bottom base lights up too. 🤗

Craig Strachan: I can't unsee the smiling face on the first one

Damir Z: Very nice lamp but mine I built myself

bruce lonsinger: I love your videos start to finish. Thank you.

İZLE ve YAP: perfect work. This is my project. I started watching the video. thanks https://youtu.be/MKhS86Xi0QQ

alex yovera: Donde las puedo comprar soy de Perú lima

Máy Chiếu Giá Rẻ: good solution

si zix socialpedia: Keren banget kawan tetap semangat mengembangkan karakter vidio anda ya teman Jangan lupa kunjungi juga chanel saya dan tolong subcribe nya ya. Kesuksesan saya berkat kawan semua terimakasih

Tamal Biswas: Can anyone please tell me the machine they are using to print the glass?

Ereezybeatz: so awesome

Li sihua: Is so interesting and good looking despite their simplicity. Pretty cool!

phong phong: Could you give me 3d file?

southweststrangla420: i want one lol

muhammad faizul: mne nak dapat ye barang tu? yg suiz led

ronny vc: Con que programa puedo crear las imágenes

3 boyutlu led lamba sevgilambası: www.sevgilambasi.com
the first to make and develop this in the world
3D illusion novelty LED lamps 5 out of 5

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3D illusion novelty LED lamps