Current Favorites~(August & September)

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Current Favorites   August-September  2016 //
Current Favorites August-September 2016 //
Monthly Favorites: August and September   Melissa Alatorre
Monthly Favorites: August and September Melissa Alatorre
Current Favorites~(August & September)
Current Favorites~(August & September)
August/September Favorites & Disappointments    MakeupbyDenise
August/September Favorites & Disappointments MakeupbyDenise

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Elle Is For Living: Your hair is STUNNING! I don't do nudes but I love YSL lipsticks. Good favs girl. ♥ Elle

Louann S.: Now, I want to try that tea, I love coffee, but for some odd reason it doesn't appeal to me anymore. Maybe, if it ever get cold I'll like it again. Great favs!

Violet Fae Skye: Your hair looks so good all the time Kristinn. Always so nice to see you, xo

angela gregory: I agree with you, I think the girl in debenhams was getting ,a bit confused. I now have a coffee and, going to watch Melissa and you in car chat. Thanks once again xx

Shirlene Higbie: Heayyy........You are looking pretty..... What color is your top ? It doesn't look yellow to me .. more of a green..... and you have matched it with your eye shadow.. :) .... I enjoyed the video ... Thank You ... Hugs ... Shirlene

angela gregory: Thank you so much Kristinn I really appreciate you doing that,for me😘 your so kind. I think you are probably right, because I am in uk perhaps we get different colours here. Once again I can't thank you enough!! Take care xx

PrissyandPink: I was curious on the lash primer but now have to try it. I don't own any MJ shadow palettes or really much of I missing out? I know you said you loved that palette but do I need one? 😬

Jodi Watt: Hi Kristinn!
Great "Favorites" video and you look so pretty in yellow...your hair is gorgeous as well.
Love you, Jodi

Kristin Gehm: Great favs Kristinn!!! LOVE that eye look on you!! :) xo

erica ogle: Yo look beautiful with the colors you have on today! Love the colors of the lipstick and the stain. Does the stain stay glossy? Thanks for sharing your faves.

MaryEllen After 60: I can see why you love the Marc Jacobs palette, it is gorgeous. I love your hair like this, Kristinn. Many blessings, and continued prayers...MaryEllen

angela gregory: Hi Kristin, I went to look at the YSL the assistant said they don't do a No 11 ? thank you xx

angela gregory: Thank you Lina, sounds lovely. We feed the birds all the time!! Sometimes they are very funny to watch.xx

Sherry G: The tea sounds delicious. I like the hairstyle, and the color of your shirt is very flattering!

Angela Carmen: You look beautiful!
I bought the brow plumper cuz I saw it on one of your previous videos but I got the light to medium and it kinda looks frosted. I think I may need the one you have.

Animals, Nature, Beauty: You look especially nice, did you change your hair color a bit? The color complements your skin tone nicely.

Karen Presley: Nice favorites. Those eye shadows look great on you. xoxoxo

bostongal912: You look so pretty! Your hair looks amazing!

Susan W: Looking fabulous my friend, love the faves, though I wish I liked tea and I have tried, love that primer too! I had forgotten about the YSL glossy stains I have a couple I need to pull out too! I hope you are having a great weekend! Love ya! XOXO

Mary Reed: Hey Kristin... You look so pretty in this video as always. You have gorgeous hair. Thankyou for sharing. You know I respect your opinions so much. xoxo Mary
Current Favorites~(August & September) 5 out of 5

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Current Favorites~(August & September)