WRC 3 - New Gameplay Of Spain Track

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ALBERTO GALINDO: Sucks. Dirt3 is way better.

Crepitus: @Aiman Balushi
installation works. loading is actually fast so the problem is in you/your machine. controls are what you would expect in arcade rally game. graphics are ok, well optimised also. hardly any vehicles? what do you expect without unlocking 95% of the content lol. i finished the whole game and while in the beginning i was really sceptical, this was actually one of the most fun arcade driving games i have played in years. game is not realistic, nor does it try to be. why would we bash mariokart for being unrealistic?

Elendil: /watch?v=0hSioDRtmfc

Flopperplop Kabouter Yop: dirt 3 car handling is better

spidermancj: Dirt 3's roads should be this narrow as well to be more realistic

Wilson Baldera: no le llega ni a los talones ha DIRT 3

Michaël Oosterlinck: I'm still playing Colin McRae Rally 2005 these days and I think together with RBR it's the best possible rallygame to play :)

João Pedro Pereira Medeiros: Too bad the car doesn't sound this way.. :/

Aiman Balushi: Keep your panties on girly, I mentioned what I experienced, why would I hide the real reason lol? sorry I dont spend so much time online to be a geek at commenting, all truth in what I said, I'm sorry to hurt your feeling fanboy but I had a better experience playing colin mcrae rally (however you spell it) on ps1. but its just my opinion no need to go full retard, so dont drop those panties again and mind your own business till you have something not as childish geek talk as that. Cheers kid.

Aiman Balushi: My favourite motorsport is rally, but this was by far the worst game I have ever paid for, there's no installation, loading for 1 race will take you upto 4 mins at times, the controls are crape, bad graphics, hardly any vehicles, I love dubstep but the songs here were just spammed with wobbles and snares, I'd rather stick to rallying in Gran Turismo or Dirt, I'd go the extra mile and own an xbox to play Forza than ever touch this piece of crap again, a good point? disk was an amazing frisbee

ryangg49: no car sounds like this..... at all

ryangg49: this sound reminds me of a cake being made....

maddog123tj: This or Dirt 3?

Alexboom: seriously??

Subi_fan: Dirt and McRae rally are seperate series man.

Ulysses: Yeah i like those ones too but McRae 04 was my first McRae game, but I now own all of the series! (Even Showdown :( )

Subi_fan: 1st one and 2.0 my favs, simply great memories.

Ulysses: McRae 04 was my favourite by far!

Shark: yep, dirt is full of those freaking land rushes

Lemans15: The driving looks really fake, Its not a real simulator i think?
WRC 3 - new gameplay of Spain track 5 out of 5

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ALBERTO GALINDO: Sucks. Dirt3 is way better.
Clare Thomas: UK and Europe Laminine specialists

ProtoMario: One of the nicest things I ever had on my old HP laptop from 2008 was a button that disabled the track pad.
mjsteele42: I don’t disagree with your point.
CТАС вИРЧЕНКО: во дебилы
Аэлита Мережкина: вау😍 с этим макияжем глаз вы выглядите роскошно и чарующе
Villager: i have a transgender villager in my town. His name is Cole and he is a black male bunny who wears a blue and white dress.. time to use this axe i have handy

WRC 3 - new gameplay of Spain track