Sukiyabashi Jiro - Worlds Best Sushi?

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Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi?
Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi?
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Jiro Dreams of Sushi - How to get a reservation at Sukiyabashi Jiro
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Japan Sukiyabashi Jiro 3-Star Sushi
Japan Sukiyabashi Jiro 3-Star Sushi

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Ridaa Ismail: The lean cut of tuna you had is Akami. Maguro is the generic term for tuna.

Daniel Honey: Been there it’s amazing

suyrriah xo: hope you payed tina

Asha Halverson: It’s Unagi not Unago

Louis Teo: its actually an unspoken tradition to order alcohol with the omakase as they do not earn as much from the food than from the alcohol. So the chefs might not treat you especially in high respect if you ordered only tea than to order alcohol.

bob bobbgarte: Dam i wan anally creampie that whore

tear728: Man, nigiri is the best.

You Bitch You: At his fathers restaurant they recommended to eat the Tiger Prawn’s head first. Check the video out the one with Anthony Bourdain on it.

lifeof jung: The second one wasnt tako. Its actually ika which is a squid

Rowan Wagner: What's the name of your favourite sushi restaurant?

Donald Trumpy: Tapeworm sushi

James Abramofsky: I’d like to try Tina’s sushi👅

its too good its way too good: you do realize that the assistants normally do the vast majority of the work, right? those "assistants" are 95% of the reason this place has its 3 michelin stars.. they've been trained for countless years by roughly the best sushi chef in the world before they were even allowed to cut the fish in front of a customer like that.. it's completely retarded to treat every dish like it's flawed just because it wasn't touched by Jiro himself

jon snow: U are s moron as usually for a pig Latin speaking.

Reginald Jones: Tako is Octopus, Ika is Squid. Damn colonizer. XD

Jacob Wren: Next up, a simplistic literal explanation of what was consumed. This video is exactly what listening to a geriatric parent describing the endless salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden sounds like. Please mention the cost a few more times, I wasn't sure if you had to pay for the meal or not.

MrMacky1810: Matt could you give me the name of your favorite sushi bar in Tokyo, which you said is half the price of this one?

dhjn4214: what worry about Fukushima

Tibly: this guy is the type of guy that would cry about small stuffs.

Videogamearcade: How much did you end up paying bro ?
Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi? 5 out of 5

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Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi?