Sukiyabashi Jiro - Worlds Best Sushi?

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Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi?
Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi?
Sukiyabashi Jiro $230 Lunch - BEST sushi in the world
Sukiyabashi Jiro $230 Lunch - BEST sushi in the world
SUKIYABASHI JIRO - The experience
SUKIYABASHI JIRO - The experience
Japan Sukiyabashi Jiro 3-Star Sushi
Japan Sukiyabashi Jiro 3-Star Sushi
Sukiyabashi Jiro -  The Best sushi restaurant in the world
Sukiyabashi Jiro - The Best sushi restaurant in the world

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Rowan Wagner: What's the name of your favourite sushi restaurant?

Donald Trumpy: Tapeworm sushi

James Abramofsky: I’d like to try Tina’s sushi👅

eeuabe: you do realize that the assistants normally do the vast majority of the work, right? those "assistants" are 95% of the reason this place has its 3 michelin stars.. they've been trained for countless years by roughly the best sushi chef in the world before they were even allowed to cut the fish in front of a customer like that.. it's completely retarded to treat every dish like it's flawed just because it wasn't touched by Jiro himself

jon snow: U are s moron as usually for a pig Latin speaking.

Reginald Jones: Tako is Octopus, Ika is Squid. Damn colonizer. XD

Jacob Wren: Next up, a simplistic literal explanation of what was consumed. This video is exactly what listening to a geriatric parent describing the endless salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden sounds like. Please mention the cost a few more times, I wasn't sure if you had to pay for the meal or not.

MrMacky1810: Matt could you give me the name of your favorite sushi bar in Tokyo, which you said is half the price of this one?

dhjn4214: what worry about Fukushima

Tibly: this guy is the type of guy that would cry about small stuffs.

Videogamearcade: How much did you end up paying bro ?

Way Vi: gara gara rando gw kesini

vothuong33: Best sushi is when you enjoy it most...

kenny lo you: Taping artiste coréenne enfer on youtube, only Jésus-Christ save

Wade Wilson: Smelling the sushi, turning the plate...such bad etiquette. This guy has the opportunity to eat some of the best sushi in the world and he acts like a complete noob. 😂

VAROE: First we need Caustic Soda,throw she to medic bag.
Second we need Sokol who will scream : Ураааааа!!!!
Next we need "Drilling in progress".
All!The ideal heist with dream team was prepared!!!

David Chung: Scollap

Nurima Adilahsaniy: Yo. Dude. You don't turn your plate on a omakase. You. Just. Eat.

terry breedlove: I don't understand the big deal with Sushi. It is ok I guess but not all that special.

C. Rose: wow bud, you give such DETAILED experiences. So many higher viewed channels just show themselves enjoying the food and saying MM, THAT'S GREAT! Well, well... well done.
Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi? 5 out of 5

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Sukiyabashi Jiro - worlds best sushi?