The Tester 3 Sucks

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UnRavel1: Nice Plinkett impression.

TheTurkeyHasLanded: Holy crap, Neverhood music

Rolando Escamilla: Someone should find the judges from the judge panel and interview them

Max Dolde: intro theme name?

/Gameboy2000color /: I remember seeing my sisters or someone watching Tester 3 in my house, now I know why.

Arty the Great: “The Tester: Season 3” is the most disappointing thing since my son’s court appointed lawyer Larry Gruber. A competent enough show- I mean lawyer, but not good enough to get my son out of a sixty year prison sentence for driving his car through a Taco Bell. I mean, who HASN’T driven through a Taco Bell? Most people get off with a slap
on the wrist for that. All he wanted was a Steak Volcano Quesa Machoritto, and he was on meth. Also… he may or may not have killed someone.

lilpoptarts: am I the only one who actually liked suzkaiden and thought she was funny?

Nightmare Gengar: the stupid blonde haired guy judge looks like a prick does anyone else think that

Ameri: So I was looking up things where Arin talks about his Tester experience
And I found this
Griffin you stalk me

team snacks: Those opening words are a great way to start this

Uncle Drew: egoraptor was the only reason why people watched it, even that he did it to show how stupid the show was.

Leodanram15: were the first two seasons somewhat good or was the third one the only bad one?

Sprited: dat mr plinkett style <3
You gotta do more of this crap, man.

Primm: Best channel I've seen in a while.

Jim Bob: Egoraptor on a Grumpcade episode mentioned how they edited the bits out where he actually helped people and what not.


Jeffrey Perry: Is this guy trying to be redlettermedia?

SirWarkwark: Never heard of it. And very late to the "party" too

pandarenBrewmaster62: Haha thanks for the Conker's Bad Fur Day music! That game, and it's music, is freaking incredible!

thesxex: damnit now i have to go play the neverhood
The Tester 3 Sucks 5 out of 5

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UnRavel1: Nice Plinkett impression.
hem reviews: Babbling on and on
CEH Minecraft - Speedbuilds: mine is 4:12
Aberdonian Mapper: Don't worry EE I'm afraid of the dark too
Justin Gutierrez: ola amigos
Isaac Demma: but what about when keeping it real goes wrong?
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The Tester 3 Sucks