Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong )

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Let's Compare Classic  ( Donkey Kong )
Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong )
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Mag Milion: atari 800 sounds and looks very good and the gameplay is brilliant too!

Fono Areta: Hahahahaha what battle is that🤣😂😅🤣😂😂😅🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😅😅😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅😂

Drew Shafer: This was before D.K. wore a necktie, Wasn't it?

big nut: Man coleco just destroyed all the other machines back in the day. Wish the stayed around

Peck Man: BEST (not including Arcade or Flash) Gameboy and Atari 8 bit: the Gameboy version is actully better then the Arcade cause of the better graphics style and extra levels, but the Atari 8 bit is great to. Not as good as the Arcade.
WORST ZX Specturum, Intellivision, and the Commodore 64 (Atari. That version is actully Atari not Nintendo) :ZX Specturum why does Mario's butt show up when he goes up the ladder and why does he color cahnegd too and the music is also a nightmare. Intellivision Mario looks like a farmer and it sounds awful. The Commodore 64 (Atari) looks preutty good but plays and sounds horrible.

Peck Man: My opinions about all the ports
1. Arcade: amazing like usual. 10/10
2. Atari 2600: well the graphics and sound are terrible and it only features 2 stage but it plays okay. 5/10
3. ZX Specturum: this is easily the worst home port of Donkey Kong in the video although the Apple II and MS DOS (Original) versions were worse. This port looks so bad and is a nightmare to play and the music is atrocious. 3/10
4. MSX: it's okay. Mario's sprite looks really nice although the rest of the graphics are awful. It plays okay but it sounds terrible. 5/10
5. Atari 8 Bit Family: This is my 2nd favorite home version of the game. It looks and sounds great, and it's so fast and so fun to play. 9/10
6. Intellivision: not that good. It sounds really bad and the graphics are abysmal at least it plays okay. 4/10
7. Amstrad: This port is great. The graphics and gameplay are fantastic but it's a shame the music isn't that good. 8/10
8. TI 99/4a: another great port. The graphics are great although Donkey Kong doesn't look good, the music is really nice and it's amazing to play. 8/10
9. Amiga: while this version looks quite good and sounds okay it is awful to play due to it being so slow. 4/10
10. Commodore 64: preutty much the same as the Amiga but with inferior colors. 3/10
11. Commodore 64 (Ocean) :This version is much better then the other C64 version. It doesn't look as good but is much better to Play and listen to. 8/10
12. CelecoVision: one of the best versions. It looks very good and sounds great. It's also very good to Play but it's missing some content. 8/10
13. CelecoVision Super Game Module: it looks better then the other CelecoVision version but it's kinda slower and it has no sound at all. And why does Mario turn see through when he goes up the ladders? 7/10
14. MS DOS: much better then the original DOS version. It looks and plays great but it has no background music and why is Pauline's dress brown? 8/10
15. Gameboy: my favorite version. It looks amazing, it's very fast and super fun to play, and it has great music. It even expanded upon the original Arcade game! 10/10
16. Atari 7800: I'm surprised how good this version looks. It also plays very well and even sounds kinda okay. 8/10
17. Adobe Flash: looks identical to the Arcade but maybe running a bit to fast. 9/10
18. Nintendo Entertainment System: not a good port. It lacks content, feels kinda slow and Pauline's dress has an ugly see through stripe through it. At least it looks kinda good. 6/10
19. Celeco Table Top: those sound effects! 6/10

Jan Kowalski: 1. Flash
2. Atari 800
3. NES

AutisticLee & LPSTaya: zx spectrum is super weird... O_o

That_One_Guy_Named_Rami: I like the classic arcade Donkey Kong

Felix Happy Gamer: Why DK is a turtle on intellivision

Dylan McConnell: Damn, very thorough except for the missing Vic 20 port.

Trurl: There is also a version of this game hidden in Donkey Kong 64 for the N64. It looks like the arcade version.

vikikristi arany: 1:59 finally i got 3 lives

The games start WHY I GOT 2 LIVES!?

iamNitro: To be honest, The Intellivision has 2 of playful sounds, The jump and the run.

MaxPlaysGames39 / MaxPlushVids39: I grew up on the flash version

SamuelTalksStuff Gamer: 1:54 NUT

Edna Pahilanga: The flash one


Edna Pahilanga: The NES is still better than the Atari 7800.

Edna Pahilanga: The Ocean Version in the Amstrad CPC and Commodre 64 are indeed my favorite.

Armando Lazaro: 11:20
Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong ) 5 out of 5

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Mag Milion: atari 800 sounds and looks very good and the gameplay is brilliant too!
DAN VANA: like if your one of this level 25 people that finished the main story and have no clue what he's talking about. still cool I have a lot of stuff to do in this game
Alexander Johnson: my two favourite things!! prefer the all black carbon diavel though
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Let's Compare Classic  ( Donkey Kong )