Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong )

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Let's Compare Classic  ( Donkey Kong )
Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong )
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Let's Compare ( Donkey Kong Junior )
Let's Compare Donkey Kong
Let's Compare Donkey Kong
Classic Donkey Kong Reimagined
Classic Donkey Kong Reimagined
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Classic Game Room HD - DONKEY KONG for Game Boy review

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Cooldude2071 MehTwinkyCream: Gameboy is the best in my opinion.

Vegeta: The gameboy (as it is a remake and extended edition) version is my favorite.

Duygu Maral: Flash one like arxade

Treerexroller: And also the retardi barrels look like cookies.

Treerexroller: "How high can you get?"I don't know... Depends on how much weed you have.

Margarita Golfinopoulou: Arcade And GameBoy Versions Are The Best!

Vernon Schaal: Besides the Arcade, then the NES version which would be the best versions. I think in order Flash, MSX version, DOS, ColecoVision, Gameboy, Atari 7800, Atari 800, Amiga, Amstrad Cpc, C64, Atari 2600, Intellvision, Tabletop.

Marcopolo Boxer de Graaf I: GM & XG.
Donkey Kong.
000-000-001: Arcade.
000-000-002: Atari VCS (2600).
000-000-003: ZX Spectrum.
000-000-004: MSX.
000-000-005: Atari 8bit computers.
000-000-006: Intellivision.
000-000-007: Amstrad.
000-000-008: Texas Instruments.
000-000-009: Commodore Amiga.
000-000-010: Commodore 64 original.
000-000-011: Commodore 64 Ocean.
000-000-012: ColecoVision.
000-000-013: OPCode Games.
000-000-014: DKPC.
000-000-015: Gameboy.
000-000-016: Atari 7800.
000-000-017: FLASH.
000-000-018: NES-Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System & Nintendo Family Computer).
000-000-019: Coleco Table Top Emulated.
000-000-020: DOS.
000-000-021: Apple II.
000-000-022: Commodore VIC20.
000-000-033: Gameboy Advance (GBA).

Richard Harris: Flash version wins

Richard Harris: what the hell is that atari 2600 abomination?

DanielSong39: The Donkey Kong Game & Watch version was pretty good!

bob barker: nuthin can touch the original

Games Digitais: Irmão este vídeo ficou espetacular, eu curto demais jogos antigos.  Se alguém  mostrar interesse, conheça o nosso canal, pois falamos muito de retrô games. É saudosismo puro.

sanicspeed 3: 6:25 "SNEE IN OIL"

tbb033: i'd rather be waterboarded than have to play a ZeeX Spectrum

Chromeno: WTF

LuigiBoy178: 11:18 did pauline fart?

gamer lemon: make a remake of the comparison

MushroomKing256: I also like the GBC port, because of levels. Levels were not 4 or 2 there were worlds. City,forest....

Adam Ohm: 1:53 sounds like really slow fapping.
Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong ) 5 out of 5

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Kreeth: Check me out
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Elliot Rivera: Can you tell me the dimensions please
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Twiddles: Now, I know where you live XDD
Matthew Lister: You are the man for posting this vid!  You make it look so effortless.  It actually took me quite a bit of practice to get this down, and I still mess it up more often than not, but before watching this vid I had never seen the melon level.  You took my game above and beyond.  Thanks so much!  Feels great to go to the arcade and consistently get the high score!
Spoolin88: Rest in peace Ron 😢😢

Let's Compare Classic  ( Donkey Kong )