Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong )

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Let's Compare Classic  ( Donkey Kong )
Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong )
Let's Compare ( Donkey Kong Junior )
Let's Compare ( Donkey Kong Junior )
Nintendo NES Arcade Series Vs. The Original Arcades - Donkey Kong 1, Jr. & 3, Popeye & Mario Bros.
Nintendo NES Arcade Series Vs. The Original Arcades - Donkey Kong 1, Jr. & 3, Popeye & Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong (Arcade) Nintendo Switch Review
Donkey Kong (Arcade) Nintendo Switch Review
Let's Compare Donkey Kong
Let's Compare Donkey Kong

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Collins Key: 2:32

Collins Key: 4:22 I love that song

downphoenix: Best ones that aren't arcade are the NES/GBA one, Colecovision, and DOS. Dunno wtf happened to the Amiga one, very poorly done. Atari 7800 one too since it should have looked at least as good as the Colecovision one. Rest are more or less in line with their respective capabilities. Worst version imo is the intellivision one. I know, its easy to say Atari one but the intellivision just feels worse since it doesn't even properly match the basic stage layout and had some pretty horrendous graphics by intellivision standards, while the 2600 one is at least within line of it's capabilities.

Alex Paumen: Favorites: Gameboy and Arcade. Imo

Michael Sykes: Next time set ALL games to a proper 4:3 aspect instead of streching them to widesceen.

Mag Milion: Atari 8 bit version is very good and had very good, smooth playability. I like also C64 which differs very little from Amiga. Amstrad is incredibly good port for this computer, as they usually had mediocre ports. Arcade is impossible to reach by any of the ports unfortunately

Steven Jennings: Happy Cinco de Mayo

themourningowl: Geez, the Atari 2600 version was downright retarded.

Gaming Mom Retro v Modern: love it , i just posted video of me playing this game .

MR PSJA HIMSELF: E. T. As Donkey Kong

Roxana Cruz: Game & watch?

Cars-fan 2012: 6:23 (laughing) jumperman is so slow

JustWasted3HoursHere: I think this is the first arcade conversion I've seen on DOS that didn't suck hairy monkey balls.

JustWasted3HoursHere: I believe there is a homebrew version for the 2600 that has all 4 levels! [edit: Oops. Just saw that you mentioned this below]

Ultra64 Neon: el de atari2600 es el mejor tambien el de nes y arcade

Gabriel Hensley: Donkey Kong Hack For MaME -

0 >o< II II -|-- II

DoubleMrE: I like how the Speckie's color works just like the plastic overlays on very early B&W video games (like Space Invaders).

Lykin Reeves: Amsterdam CPc is an ok version the sound effects could have been better.

Lykin Reeves: Xz spectrum,as in you need to be on the spectrum to enjoy the graphics,spectrum as in autism.

AppData 174: Atari 5200/800
Let's Compare Classic ( Donkey Kong ) 5 out of 5

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Collins Key: 2:32
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Let's Compare Classic  ( Donkey Kong )