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#468 ERROLL FLYNN'S "Mulholland Farm" Saga (11/17/17)
Book Review: Clark Gable
Book Review: Clark Gable
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Classic Movie Review
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Classic Movie Review
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The new truth about actor Clark Gable
The new truth about actor Clark Gable

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Philou Jockey: These gods...

Dan L: Nice job!  As a fan of classic movies I love both these guys.  Too bad these great stars never made a movie together, although Flynn claims he suggested it, but Gable begged off by saying Flynn was nine years younger and would make him look bad.  Flynn was the better athlete of the two and it shows in the boxing scenes and, according to David Mamet, Flynn was a grossly underrated actor who deserved a far better choice of roles than his studio offered him.

Michael Pieper: This was FUN!

Mei Shih: Flynn was male beauty personified.  Even now, no one has surpassed him.  He had that kind of charm, charisma, vitality and vividness.  Two-dimensional photos cannot do him justice.  One must see him in action.  Then one can sense why he was the top of the top stars at his prime.  He was the Star of anybody's lifetime.  Truly one of a kind.  Unfortunately, he has been underrated as an actor and as an individual.

Honkytonk Sue: Great concept for a video, boxing movie superstars of the 1940's, Gable and Flynn!  Well done, love it!

Night Nurse: His autobiography isn't entirely factual.

HotVoodooWitch: @WiltatKansas Gable was the biggest male star in Hollywood and was perfect casting for RHETT Butler (read the book). He was the undisputed choice of the public and despite talk of others playing the role, Selznick would have no one else. Gable didn't need to "made fiddle" (good God) with ANYONE for GWTW--he didn't even want the part. He was afraid of not living up to the public's expectations.

54nomore: Errol Flynn was a real boxing champion from Australia before he went into films and became an actor. If you look at the film Gentleman Jim. You will notice how coordinated he was, and how he moved and counter punch. This is all fact based on his autobiography.

constructionman: Errol Flynn king of Hollywood

lilyflynn55: Clark lost because ERROL was a champion of champions .Gable was the King but ERROL was the Emperor
Gable vs Flynn 5 out of 5

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