'Do Tiers Matter?' A SSB4 Marth Highlight Video Ft. Mr.E

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Jayro Martinez: It's not the character that sucks, it's the player.
-Said every pro ever

DX19 -: Not enough footstools.

Symbolic CSP: 0:45 was that against Ninkendo

Canshin: I main Marty more than my pic

DankyDon't: "Do tiers matter?"

I mean, considering how far he's risen in the tier list, you tell me.

Exavier Zollicoffer: I feel like tiers don't matter because every character is good in there own way.

Joseph Stringham: Lol except now marth is top tier

thehaxfactory: tires don exits

Menoth Games: Make Marths dair great again

sakura 16: marth is majestic

Supernova Gaming: I don't really think tier lists matter depending on the skill of the player. cough Link cough

Jink8 Official: yes tiers matter

Hipegamer Otaku: Dam i can't believe the low range and lag marth used to Have a year ago those buffs really blessed him

fin cost: Marth is so gay

DreeGon: Answer to title : Yes, they do matter, BUT, a players skill level is more important

ADecentNameForMe: ""Do Tiers Matter?"" I don't know. can you win a smash 4 major tournament with jigglypuff? If you can. then we have something to talk about.

Arrkath: Pro tip: If you mute this video, it becomes better

Mr.E: >; )

Helios god: Tiers dont matter

LegendDuoKeeper7: You deserve the title of best marth on earth, even if you tie with pugwest.
"Do Tiers Matter?" A SSB4 Marth Highlight Video ft. Mr.E 5 out of 5

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Kosteri x: okayish, but I prefer the colorful pocket hive. The different moves are easily grasped, I could use them in the first play.
max maximillion: what kind of boat is the goofy one with the long nose and weird cab?
Ricardo Cunha: Massey no Brasil é o melhor em preço,manutenção,durabilidade e valor de revenda
Dan Rigsley: Space Harrier looks decent.
Duck Puppet: Koalas are the best animals EVER
Alex Labine: dana died
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