Taurus 444 Ultralite Titanium 44 Magnum

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first session part 444
first session part 444
Taraus m .45p
Taraus m .45p

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Vladpryde: Do you still have this gun, and if so, have you had any issues with it?  Reliability and whatnot from Taurus is either a hit or miss.

Raoul Duke: Have fun blowing of your index finger. Get rid of that dumb grip.

Dean Green: 2:09 lol

15killerzombie: Is tit as nium better or is blued finish steel better?

Steven Johnson: your left handed!

highridinf250: I got the s&w 329pd 44 mag. And to be honest it feels the same as my dads raging bull in 454 casull. Minus the weight difference

MrNotsoscary: Holy muzzle blast batman! The Redhawk is a *big* gun, even in a 3" barrel... how does it compare as far as feel in the hand to the 444? The redhawks/GP series/S&W large frames are just too big for me to get a good grip on, as are the large frame taurus models... is this a viable alternative?

highridinf250: How do you like it. Im thinking of getting this as my backpack for when out hunting. I think i might find a gunsmith so i can port the barrel.

Dubears1: The groups were good and it functioned fine through the rounds I fired. No troubles with the cylinder shutting at all. The grips did not help with recoil at all. The red rubber strap was as stiff as the black rubber area.

Dubears1: Yeah, it puts out a big flash and bang...so much it got some of the other shooters attention. It's fun shootin 44 magnums, but on this very light 28oz. gun it kicked hard! Nice fireworks for sure ;p
Taurus 444 Ultralite Titanium 44 magnum 5 out of 5

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Taurus 444 Ultralite Titanium 44 magnum