Mastering Blush + Bronzer + Highlighter

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Mastering Blush + Bronzer + Highlighter
Mastering Blush + Bronzer + Highlighter
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How to Use Bronzer Properly Makeup Tricks
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How to Contour. Blush. Highlight Sephora
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Tamaria Lakayye: Nice Video 💕🙌🏽😍

gopdeep: Can I apply Blusher, Contour, Bronzer and Highlighter all four together ?

Daylia M: I love that you suggested using an eyeshadow for highlighter! I was a bout to buy a highlighter Pallete when I realized my CK eye pallets had a beautiful bright glittery shadow and it worked perfect!

Sara Salinas: I adore you. Im excited I found your channel. I feel like I will learn a lot from you without the nonsense. You are simplistic. Honest and stunning. Thanks a bunch

Niki Reynolds: You can't even see the blush so what's the point? People just add and add layers and layers of product and I just can't understand

Risha Rene: No contour. Thank GOD!!!

marissa sparkel: "All the gaga gege products"

Being Muslim kharal: think B4 commenting

Aleeza Baba: A big no for bronzer highlighter n blush .she has mixed them together

Javed Salam: nice

write2judie: I appreciate you saying that you don't do this every day. Good video. Clear instructions. Thank you!

J Renèe ツ : What a beautiful woman. 100% flawless. A natural beauty. WOW!

Reshma Khan: Lovely Blusher

fary ash: thanks

Nabila Rahman: what brush was that?? please tell me the name

Jessica Ratliff: Loved your video! You are so pretty and explained it all so well. Ty!! Your make up looks great BTW. Can you please do a video on lip colors and shades that go well with different skin tones? Ty

Gulnaz Arbi: wow

Chelsea Almeida: Did she put the highlighter on top of the blush?

Noel Gallagher: all with the gaga gigi ahahahaa

anmol dixit: I love your videos.. I can relate to them so much.. You just keep everything so simple .. And don't confuse the viewers by using dozens of products .. Thank you so much .. :*
Mastering Blush + Bronzer + Highlighter 5 out of 5

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Mastering Blush + Bronzer + Highlighter