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killerhippo10: I dont know about you, but i wore them with a beanie and literally couldnt hear crap. and they fogged up like crazy but it was pretty cold, about 40 degree weather so not much you can do about that

techdudz: I freaking hate mine biggest wast of money ever, I have changed the lenses 2 times and it still fogs every time I wear them.

russcpb: These are great...if you don't feel like breathing is necessary.

FEARProductions: Much better. So far they are my favorite mask. Fits my face well

Chris Santos: And how do the grilz work for you?

FEARProductions: I didnt have too much trouble with mine when I used them. I think you'd be ok getting them. Id stay away from Dye i4's though. Pretty much your whole jaw would hang out on those.

prettylittleditty89: I am a newcomer to the sport and I'm shopping around for a decent mask. My main concern is jawline protection. I have read these can be a bit when your jaw is extended it may even possibly poke out the bottom... just havent seen much confirmation of this... any thoughts on that bud?

Javier Sabillon: this or the proto pro axis?

FEARProductions: These didnt fog on me. The worked fairly well.

Jonathan Zamora: Do they fog up ? Like alot ?

Markus: to remove the chinstrap just push the metal pins out, then you can pull the chin straps out

michael matthews: awsome song

FEARProductions: @THEPBFREAK17 A camera, yes. I had my contour mounted on it. As for a fan, you'd have to get creative to mount it :P

FEARProductions: @5ghostshadow I used them in about 50 degree weather and I didnt have a problem with them fogging. I didnt get a chance to use them in any colder temps, I sold them and bought a VForce Grill again. (Just because my Helmet Cam mounted easier on the Grill)

5ghostshadow: You mentioned it being cold outside, for when you were testing them. How did it work for you in terms of fogging.

john smith: lol, mini-sting good review.

cope b: i have the same ones=)

FEARProductions: @bmxrdr333 Remember the Name by Fort Minor

noshameshane: @FEARPaintball no prob. also, to add... on the buckles where the straps are, there is a notch that comes out specifically designed to "unlock" the clasp from the goggle... so no more coins or screw drivers!!! w00t11

kaosPball: i bought these yesterday.... hope theere goodd
Sly Profit Goggles 5 out of 5

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