1990 240sx Idle Problem.

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1990 240sx idle problem.
1990 240sx idle problem.
240sx idle problem
240sx idle problem
240sx misfiring/bad idle
240sx misfiring/bad idle
92 nissan 240sx sr20det maf idle problem
92 nissan 240sx sr20det maf idle problem
My 240SX Problems Compilation
My 240SX Problems Compilation

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Bobby Raber: My 91 240SX does this ,its an on and off thing . Sometimes it does it and sometimes it dont . Ay one know what it might be ?????

ivan kunasich: so the iacv has nothing to do here? because i have the sam issue and i just ordered one from ebay

Jeremy Torres: dude its your maf

Monica Cadena: i have the same problem... my thing is my car died... and i need the idle control valve and I cant find ANYWHERE!! did you end up replacing it? or do you know someone who has the Air contol valve  for sale?? PLEASE I NEED HELP!!

Mohammed Ababa: I have the same problem with mine! So should I take it to Nissan dealership?

ceralkill3r: you can use a smoke machine or i used a rubber hose and put it against my ear to try to pinpoint the leak

Christopher Wells: how you found out what was wrong?

ceralkill3r: it didnt cost me anything other than the parts which was about 20 bucks for the manifold gasket then another 20 bucks for the o-rings from a Nissan dealer. i did everything my self and wasnt too tough but i was every organized and only took me like 5 hours just cause i was taking my time.

Junior Luzano: I'm buying a 240 and the seller said his car is dealing with the same problem

Junior Luzano: How much has it costed you to repair the problem?

ceralkill3r: i have found the problem but right now i haven't had the time to fix it. i had a vacuam leak from my injectors and from the intake manifold i already replaced the injector orings but havent done the manifold don't forget if you need the gasket for the manifold to get the upper and lower gasket together

wasab1z: im having the same issue with my ka24e, it wont stay on, it keeps on wanting to die
1990 240sx idle problem. 5 out of 5

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1990 240sx idle problem.