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Pretty Noona: Beautiful manicure for a worth cause, thank you for sharing =)
Richard Crowe: Thanks... I have one but couldn't figure how to set it up...
cjlocsin12: hey mate how are these tyres road noise wise?
otto hamer: Mmm...LOVIN' the bare legz/footie-sox combo. Thank U.
Cafe6Racer: Will the R&G Racing Kickstand Foot for Triumph Fit my Street Cup? Don’t see my bike same engine as the T100 Bonneville
Paulpro PP: the square section on the housing where the lens of the gopro is located is that part glass or plastic
lich109: People give the Dark Elves in 6th a lot of crap (honestly, most of it is justified) though what a lot of people don't know is they got a rather substantial buff via FAQ. On their website they changed things like giving the Executioners heavy armour (they had light before for some stupid reason) with no points increase, decreasing Dark Elf Warriors points from 9 to 7 (rather substantial seeing as how they're WS4, BS4, I5 and come standard with spears and light armour, as well as the option of buying them Repeater Crossbows), giving the Black Guard the ability to always re-roll failed misses that we would see in later books, allowing you to take 2 Cold One Chariots for one special choice, increasing the Ld of Cold One Knights to 9 (meaning they don't need to be babysat anymore). The Cauldron of Blood gained a massive buff, first of all the range for its ability was buffed to 24" (so it could benefit nearly the entire army) and shooting was randomized between it and its guardians (the cauldron is invincible so any hits against it are ignored) which mean that the guardians effectively have a 3+ ward save followed by a 4+ ward save if they fail it against missile fire. Hydras also had the apprentice movement increased to 6 so that they no longer slow down the monster (pretty big when you're lining up a charge) and Word of Pain can now be cast into combat.

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