Gone With The Wind (1939) - Classic Movie Review

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GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) Movie Review
GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) Movie Review
Gone With the Wind (1939) Review
Gone With the Wind (1939) Review
Gone With the Wind (1939) review
Gone With the Wind (1939) review
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Classic Movie Review
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Classic Movie Review
Siskel & Ebert - Gone with the Wind (1939)
Siskel & Ebert - Gone with the Wind (1939)

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Joe McKim: A movie that you need to see before you die is Halloween 2018.

Railroad,Preserver,2000: I have this movie as well as the film that talked about the making of it and both are incredible have you reacted or reviewed Fried Green Tomatoes yet or Driving Miss Daisy both I think real good films and Jessica Tandy played her parts and those films very well

Grant Wilson: Oh
I have definitely have not lived to see this movie! 😱

Debbie Lundberg: Best movie ever made x

Mike warwick valencia: Great classic movie ,best movie that describes the civil war with nearly 5 hours? With Famous lines like"Frankly my dear,I don't give a damm " Scarlett O Hara one of the best antiheroes in film History

Steven S: THE BEST review for GWTW ever. Sooooooo perfect. LOL You nailed all the points. A couple of tiny smidgens of things I would have mentioned. The art and light for 1939 is unbelievable. The burning of Atlanta scene is just phenomenal. The foreshadowing is also fantastic. Anywho this was a great review and I loved it!

Luke M: I don't understand the hate for Scarlett. She's the single most compelling character in film history. Who else can bring in so much cash over and over for a 4 hour movie?? Yes, she's challenging as hell but she's also important as hell and inspiring as hell.

Anna Phillips: thank you for.liking Clark Gable. All the people at my middle.school think he.is.ugly.

futurefilmmaker 39480: I love the film

Linsey Rose: I really love this movie this contends with Cleopatra as the longest movie

Jordan Cadwell: I love this movie! It's so grand and epic in scale, and even though it's super long, it held my attention throughout. Both the leads do such a good job in making this broken, flawed love affair interesting and believable. Such a great classic. Btw, I love the quotation re enactments you do at the beginning of your videos. Haha

Rama's Screen: I love "Gone With The Wind" :)
Great review, Kami.
Gone With The Wind (1939) - Classic Movie Review 5 out of 5

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Gone With The Wind (1939) - Classic Movie Review