Boker War Toad Folding Knife Overview

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Smile/For/me: B├ľKER NOT BOKER

Janson Gander: No, just no! That's not a knife, that's an accidental amputation waiting to happen! Come on Boker, what are you people thinking? Toad is a good name for this knife, because you just don't touch it!

Sckarekrow: It isn't a chisel grind "on one side" and "hollow on the other". It IS a chisel grind. Only one side beveled with the other flat defines it as a chisel grind.

KamakazeTaco: Chisel grind? So this is a $5 Chinese knife right?

Colin Veacock: Ridiculous price for chisel ground non locking knife.

Clinton K: can it be shipped to the UK?

Player Review: 2 inch blade that is 5.6 ounces for $130 MSRP... well played.

Jelte Goemans: The hole isn't meant to open with. It is supposed to look like the eye of a toad

kenthenoob: that clip though.............. real gross

kenthenoob: sooooo coooool

Yo Adrian: No lock, no love...

robbie574: Love it, been carrying a couple of days now. Fast shipping! :)

enjoiorange: For $100 I would expect them to not use cheap steel

robbie574: I'm sold, ordered mine yesterday! :)

TrebuShade: That is fricken ugly.

ChoseDeath: That is a sweet design. Too bad Boker makes crap knives, because I would love to have one of those.

Revenuer: You know this knife going to be a quality knife. It will go right beside my SNG when it comes in. Very excited.

David White: I have an original TuffKnives War Toad and love the design, just received my Boker version and have to say how nice this is and better build quality as well (sorry Geoff)

TheROCKefeller: If it wasn't a friction, it'd be really cool.

I seem to remember a definite anti-Boker rant from him once...

Ironic, money does talk, haha

chris zautner: If this knife had a lock blade I would buy it

Boker War Toad Folding Knife Overview 5 out of 5

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Boker War Toad Folding Knife Overview