'Andrew Niggins!' | TBJZLPlays NBA 2K15

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ROBCHX GARAGE: its to short

Andrew: Honestly one of the most underrated let's players. The only one I can stand to watch even games I don't like. Tobi is my favorite youtuber and watching him makes me want to get into it so bad. I would love to see him play Red Dead Redemtion after GTA:SA!

Elite Gamer27: hes got ksi hair for the future

M T: U should of made him taller

Jim Tsolakidis: if fifa caeer mode was like that it would be SICK!

Maxim Mabendiev: he looks like andrew wiggins

King Of 2K: Rebound saved him in the tryout

Marco Emilio Carrera Guerrero: Tbjzl press A to call for the ball so your teammates pass u the rock!!

Tony White: Yo birthday is 2 days after mine

Lance Remo: is he playing on Hall Of Fame???

Alexandre Martins: why do you not number your episodes?

Some Guy: I didnt know i had birthday same day as Tobi😊

Evan Maher: Tobi please do more of nba👌

TinyBlue: How do you call for the ball in NBA 2K15?

Danny Johnston: happy birthday Tobz

ShinyEyes: is it me or does toby know nothing about basketball.........

poonymax11: You boss toby

jassi singh: I think if ea ACTUALLY cared about there customers and dont get hacked so easily they wont get hated so much
Like if you agree

Joe Brown: You do know you can press A to call for the ball

Barry Collins: Do more nba pls
"Andrew Niggins!" | TBJZLPlays NBA 2K15 5 out of 5

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ROBCHX GARAGE: its to short
Qawiem Irfan: thankyou so muchh !!!!
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