Family's Thoughts On Me Riding [VLOG]

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Family's thoughts on me riding [VLOG]
Family's thoughts on me riding [VLOG]
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Rob Zilla: My mom hated the idea of riding.... until she saw my bike (09 yamaha r6 Raven) and then she loved it. She remember my dad in his younger days, racing, and couldn't help but be excited.

Dustin Shankle: lol my parent is like " HELLLL NOOOOO" lol ot sucks but it happens

XxGamersUnitedxX: "What is a squid, why they callin' you a squid?" lmao!

Chris Knight: my parents cosigned for what would have been my first bike. but since i had to take out a loan, the insurance payment would've been more than the bike payment so i'm gonna do what you did, Chase, and pay for it outright.

Mitchell: My dad was pretty cool about it, he has been riding since he was a teenager,he was a bit upset that I started with a CBR600 (Hurricane). But he got over it quick enough. I am pretty bummed he never got me into it as a kid, i had to wait till i got interested at 35.. and I do not see me ever not having a bike in the future. I love it.

Brandon Payson: lol my mom wouldn't help me in anyway. my first bike was the ninja 300 and I still have it. actually my mom was used kicking me out on me hahaha. since I've bought a gixxer 600 and my mother threw a fit xD. I bought that used lowered and that was a horrible decision because the link snapped while riding and hit the back of a car going 60, I wore my leathers and managed to just get minor road rash thank god but my bike was done. moms care man even though I was just scraped up she was crying her heart out. but I can't give up riding so I bought a 750 two weeks later haha. not lowered this time!!!! I think she is getting used to the fact now two years later that's this is me and I've been on motorcycles since I was 7 thanks to my uncle he let me race dirt bikes on courses :)

BMan991000: I will be taking my MSF corse and getting my first bike very soon and my mom is absolutely 100% against it… I hope she will learn to be okay with it like your mom did but I'm at the point where I can't bring it up anymore because she just gets upset. I hope to start a motovlog channel when I do get my bike though! I will be getting an 2001 SV650. I am getting so excited to join the motorcycle community!

Alec S: just picked up my first street bike I grew up riding four wheelers and dirtbikes since I was 8 years old I'm 18 and took a year off college and worked as much as I could and finally picked up my bike my mom is a little worried but loves the bike and my dad is jealous since he's always wanted one. Now trying to convince him to get one

thunderhands15: New to your channel! But, I actually bought my parents a motorcycle first. My mom was born on motorcycles, her parents took her on a road trip at like 3 years old on a bike. She would sit between my grandparents on the seat. My dad also had a motorcycle but got rid of his motorcycle when he had my older brother, and I always grew up hearing him talk about how he was going to get one again and him and my mom where just going to leave and travel the states on a bike. Well, my mom ended up having a serious accident and in which she had a compound fracture of her L1. And, slowly, he stopped talking about getting a bike. So in my first year of college my teacher had a motorcycle at the school he never road, so I saved up bought it, and brought it home. It didn't take long for us as a family to decide we needed another bike, and now all of us our riding, including my mom! My mom and dad ride together and I have my own (that I recently wrecked like a moron so now I have to save up to fix smh)

Carlos Mayoral: When I got my Harley, the only thing my dad told me was that i have a bitch bike.... Because he has an R1 lol

Alex Chandler: 2 months ago I bought my first dirt dike (1985 xr80r). my dad and me only knew about it (divorced parents). after a week of having it I tell my mom and ask if I can bring it to her house because she owns 10 acres. then her and my step dad bitch me out saying stuff like why don't you listen to us, and other stupid stuff. and what I'm thinking isI already drive a freaking 3 wheeler, and what's the worst that could happen, Then say to my parents how come you bought me a pedal bike then you crash just as freaking much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Antoni Jeżewski: When I was in primary school ( I was about 12 years old) my mother bought a Honda Shadow 750 from 1986. She took me to and from school everyday on this motorcycle. We went on those long rides on weekends. I have some of the best childhood memories on this motorbike ;) I love motorcycles!

bassistoftheyear: My dad test rode my first bike since I didn't have my license yet. He said he wouldn't even get on a sport bike and I'd have to buy it in the dark and trailer it home if that's what I wanted. He wasn't against me riding just the type of bike. Now that I have my license and some experience I mentioned getting a "croch rocket" and he told me to buy life insurance -_- so supportive haha

Jamal Sykes: I really want to get a bike for multiple reasons, but I'm extremely nervous because I've never driven a manual vehicle before. What's a good bike for a beginner? I'm interested in the Honda CBR250, and I've seen that it's been recommended to others.

Also where a good place to shop for reasonably priced gear?

Chris Leyda: I was in the process of buying a bike, and my parents threatened to pull my college tuition money if I did. They don't mind me riding, they just don't want me riding on a college campus.  What do you think of riding on college campuses?

Chaz Kehrli: My parents ride so they were in favor of me getting a motorcycle at 16. Rode a rebel 250 that they bought me for a year and a half until I sold it, now my struggle is trying to get them to agree to let me buy a sport bike. Theyd let me have a god-damn roadking if I could afford it, but a R6? Nope. Thanks mom. LOL

M109Rlover: My mom was very cool with it. She has been on the back of my bike too. My family live in Tennessee, so my mom and my aunt are the only ones who have seen me on it. I, too, am an only child, but my family is super supportive.

Omar Salinas: My mom bugged me week after week asking me if I had changed my mind when I told her I was going to buy a bike. Now that I bought it and she saw all the money I put towards riding gear and taking safety courses, she's not too worried but still worries when she knows I'll be riding down the freeway. My dad was 100% okay with me getting one as soon as I told him haha

Solomonsignet: My problem was with my girlfriend. It's sure that will be awesome..then it's do you have know their dangerous right? 😑

richard rosario: My dad was excited when I bought a motorcycle. He said he was hoping that me or my brother would get one. Mom just wanted me to be careful. Who needs msf course when you have mad skills like me.
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Rob Zilla: My mom hated the idea of riding.... until she saw my bike (09 yamaha r6 Raven) and then she loved it. She remember my dad in his younger days, racing, and couldn't help but be excited.
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Family's thoughts on me riding [VLOG]