Torrin Talk: All-Nighter & Hair Dye

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Eszter Zsuzsanna Szikora: I stay up reading all the time - maybe like every 2 months now that I have to go to work but back in the day I would do it every week. I can do the read a chapter at a time thing but not with books that are really good.

Browneyedsusan: You look beautiful. :)
That is fantastic that you can read a whole book all at once! I always try to make them last, because I'm sad when they're over, (I like the characters and miss having them in my life), but if the book is really good it's hard to quit it. lol!

Caitriona: I'll read and read and read and then not touch a book for months. And then I'll do it again. Haven't pulled an all night error for a book though, have stayed up til like 2 am though. Or if I'm sewing I'll stay way too late too.

And you look beautiful without makeup! Makeup just enhances what's already there!

Hannah Green: I binge watch anime if it's really good and not too long. I also binge on books. It's really bad lol. My author is Ann Bishop. The Black Jewel series.... I have them all and I Love them! Ann Bishop is an inspiration to me as a writer too. Have you read or heard of her or her books?

Steph Bliss: Woohoo fresh dye!

vampyyri: Oooh you vape too? That's awesome!!

Mikaela De Leon: #bibliophile the struggle is real!

Kieran Mcgarry: I'm currently staying awake bc insomnia/anxiety lol. Although I have definitely stayed up reading and watching shows before. I had to learn that mid-chapter or mid-episode was better for me to pause because it didn't have the same narrative suspense pull. But I recently read the Tearling trilogy and the scary parts would always hit when it was the middle of the night so I wouldn't sleep anyway so I might as well keep reading!

I really liked the colour of Arctic Fox's Purple Rain, it just showed up on my hair (dark brown), and I loved it in the sun (although unfortunately moving into Deep February there isn't enough of the sun for me to see the purple very often). But it mostly faded all but the ends after the first wash for me, in as cool water as my sink/shower head would produce (I couldn't wash all my hair in the sink so I did have to rinse with the shower head at one point). In the strand tests I did the red was a lot more visible, so maybe that'll last longer for me, but I just love purple so much more!

Kristen R: Yes! If I set a book down for more than an hour it's hard for me to get back into it so I have to read it all at once, same with TV shows.

dguiliano21: I stayed up all night reading the HP books too! My daughter does this too.

augustashes: I am also a binge reader. I love reading but I can't do it as much as I would like because I am basically non-functional while reading a book.

Casey Cronan: Yeah! Last year, I was reading 1984 and right as I got to work, I got to the big twist in the middle, so as soon as I clocked out, I continued reading. The next time I looked up, the book was over and I had to go to work the next day. Worth it. Also, Life of Pi and The Book Thief were other books I could not. put. down.

Casey Cronan: No need to apologize for going makeup free; you're awesome with or without it!

Kelly Zoe: When I read, I forget to drink water, or eat at all, and I'll just look up and it's 8 hours later. I've started setting alarms every hour or so to at least drink water, sheesh. It's so weird that I do that, but I just keep thinking, one more chapter, it hasn't been that long, ha!

RiotDemon: I just decided to do the underside of my hair last week with manic panic's hot hot pink because they didn't have fuchsia shock, which is what I used to use in HS. After one wash it's pretty faded, way worse than the fuchsia shock used to do. Curious to see your results with the arctic fox brand. I'd love to do purple, but everything I've tried just looks super dark, and last time it washed out to an ugly greyish color.

GrƔinne Boyd: I am also a binge reader! You should read the Lunar Chronicles, Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter. I have a feeling you would love them!

chinnychinchin: What book was it that you read? Can't wait to see the color!

ONE PAK: Waiting to see ur new hair šŸ˜

DebTallbroad: Yes, I read books all in one sitting often! And I do stay up all night to do it too.

Tracey Carolanne: Excited to see how this turns out! šŸ¦„
Torrin Talk: All-Nighter & Hair Dye 5 out of 5

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Torrin Talk: All-Nighter & Hair Dye