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Dave F. Macias: Great review... As always... You hit the nail on the head. Looking forward your next review.
ShadowStar1997: I don’t consider Carvanha and Sharpedo to be very good Pokémon early in the series. I mean, their defense is utter garbage, and they can’t naturally learn any water type attacks at this point in time. Later on, it can only naturally learn one: Aqua Jet.
Salim Mridha: i have ps 5
Jerry Miguel: Andrea, en charanga 76, su mejor expresión de latín Jazz.
Özgürcan Erdem: Alpha player here, watching this on update 22.8.1 and oh man... I honestly don't know what to say, this video brought tear to my eyes.
Warframe's HUD, gameplay, way the game felt and how we played it, even some part of the graphics used to be just so much better. It feels like a completely different game now.
No lies, I really did shed a tear when you levelled up that Braton... How did they change the game so much...
It used to have this 80's 90's kinda vibe to it, with neon colours/lightings and now it feels like this "everyday modern game" vibe with autistic movements (thanks DE for Parkour 2.0) even though this was the cancerous stamina patch. They could've just nerfed the spin attack just like how it is now and made sprint speed a bit faster on every frame and problem would've been solved.
Rest in Peace, PhysX, Old HUD, Coptering, Star Chart Menu, Physical Damage Meta, Exploiting, Old Sound fx, Level Up Sounds, Old Ship Animation (at the start of the mission), Old Elemental fx, 2D Lotus, and even new things like TAA, Greedy Pull, Draco, Void, Saryn, Null~less Missions and it just keeps going on...
Warframe is a way of life.

Макс Пав: блин нафига бабу на стрим пустили ( 
Les Morts Dansants: Excellent review, so rare to find an intelligent Magnum review by someone who really understands the band, though I love "Don't Fall Asleep", it's going to be a killer live.

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