A99 Video Performance

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A99 video performance
A99 video performance
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Sony a99 II Hands-on Review
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SONY A99 1080 FULLHD 60fps
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prince. king: Sony great I love her Soo expensive any Sony camera but very rics not invited Sony Photographer i Sony autofocus mod best video grapher invite only but many time tell her like conon 6d mark 2 I play Rick I planning I next I buying Sony a7iii I wish I'm Photographer her still probably very expensive I pray price down next year I buy I hop a9 a7iii

Mychal Simmons: Dope but at this price point I may as well buy a RED

thesecondmirror32: I was very keen on buying the a99 until I read this review on Amazon. Can you please comment on this?
"Sony has done something screwy with however the camera takes that gorgeous 24 megapixel sensor and down-rezzes it to the 2.07 (1920x1080) video output. The problem is when you want a decent depth of field. It's just not sharp. Period. It seems like low resolution garbage. There is shimmering and other strange pulsing effects when AF is on.
There is very strange pulsing that occurs if you barely bump the camera with AF enabled in video mode. Even in full MF mode which I use 99% of the time, the footage just isn't sharp."

Anhslaught: Thanks for responding in detail! The A99 footages look so beautiful out of the camera. I love that kind of dark color tones it put out.

Fredrik Andreasson: I used Final Cut Pro X to make the slow motion effect. To start with its just as you say, only retimed the clip but after that i used a filter called "Otical flow" I dont know if something similar exists in Premiere or if you have to use After Effects. The video is straight from the camera. No color grading or other effects. I used the A99 and in-camera effect "Toy Camera:Normal" Good luck with your videos!

Anhslaught: Thanks Fred! What did you use to do the slow motion? I use premier Pro, and basically just stretch the video. Is that an improper way to do slow motion? When I do it that way, it don't look very smoothe. Also, did you do any color grading or sharpening to this video? I can't seem to find a good work flow tutorial on how to make my videos look like this.

Fredrik Andreasson: Hi Anhslaught! Yes, the A99 can do 50/60 frames per second and that is quite rare among consumer (DSLR) cameras. So I wanted to show how great slow motion you can do with this camera.

Anhslaught: Hi, what was the purpose of showing it in slow percentage? Is it because it shows how smoothe the frame rates are?

Fredrik Andreasson: Hi Please look at the end of the movie

TheRausing1: great vid, but what lens?

Fredrik Andreasson: Hello Karim! and thank you. I´ve used Final cut pro X for editing.

Fredrik Andreasson: Please look at the end of the movie!

Karim Qubadi: Hey. super video. what kind of program do you use for editing? Karim

Orbital: song name?

justinspirational: other than raw footage out to eg. a 'ninja' is there a way to increase the bitrate as only 28 Mbs with the a99 is pretty low compared to the competetion- the new (micro 4/3) panasonic GH3 will be doing 75 Mbs -the canon 5d mark iii is around 90...will this bitrate be 'hackable'-like people managed to hack the panasonic GH2-increasing the bit rate to 100 Mbs..)- your movie looks great- a lot of other a99 clips out there look quite 'video-ish' than filmic-wondered if related to the bitrate..

eugene davydov: I would also like to look at the flatter image. And yes, 28mbps is very very small bitrate while GH2 can be hacked with the >150mbps firmware. The real deal here is the FF sensor, but what if the final video quality is rather poor?

justinspirational: You think the bitrate can be hacked (like with the panasonic lumix gh2) as I would think 28mbits is pretty low compared to some of the other dslrs out there...? Are there picture modes (like with canon) to shoot flatter and do color correction in post (some of the other footage out there looks great yet a little over saturated to me)?

Fredrik Andreasson: Actually you can´t choose ISO higher than 6400 on a99, dont know what the limit is on mark III. I have tested ISO 6400 once and it was pretty noisy. ISO 3200 works fine and is enough for me with my 85/1,4 lens. There is no other lenses than the six from Sony / Zeiss that work with the dual autofocus for the moment. If autofocus is very important for you the choice should be Sony anyway because even with only 19 focus points the autofocus is far better than on both Canon and Nikon.

justinspirational: thank you for your reply- so pretty noisy above ISO 6400..hmmm...any noticeable moire/antialiasing issues with a99 (fixed with mark iii)? May compare similalrly to the nikon d800..- but I have to say 1080p 60fps is very appealing with the a99... Apart from Sony and carl zeiss (expensive lenses) are there any other lens brands that will work with the a99 (and still be able to fully utilize the dual autofocus/autofocus in movie mode)? thanks once more- greatly appreciated- great movie by the way

Fredrik Andreasson: I have tried both cameras and if you are looking at ISO performance only, you shoud buy the Canon. Its superb quality on high ISO. On the A99 you cant go over ISO6400 when using video. BUT the benefits for A99 is in-camera stabilization that works with ALL lenses, 1080/60p. Focus peaking, this is really great when shooting manual lenses with large aperture, area in focus is colored red. Silent wheel for changing settings while recording and also, full phase detection AF while shooting video.
A99 video performance 5 out of 5

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A99 video performance