Casio ProTrek PRW3000 Watch Review

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Casio ProTrek PRW3000 Watch Review
Casio ProTrek PRW3000 Watch Review
Casio Pro Trek PRW3000 Watch Review (Features. Comparisons. Multiple Versions)
Casio Pro Trek PRW3000 Watch Review (Features. Comparisons. Multiple Versions)
Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?
Casio ProTrek: Best Outdoor Watch Made?
Casio Protrek PRW-3000 Watch Review
Casio Protrek PRW-3000 Watch Review
Casio PRW 3000 Watch Review
Casio PRW 3000 Watch Review

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INFO MUTT: How are you going to review a watch that you know nothing about keep you keep saying "I guess" "I guess" learn the watch before you review The Watch

Bruce: Looks awesome better than any smart watches atm

Maximiliano Carranza Casas: I am planning to buy a CASIO SMART watch for Trekking function. Barometer, temperature sensor and solar function with GPS is desirable!!! all this functions are included in this PRG 3000 ?

Drrn Cdrc: useless review of all time

MergingMoth: It doesn't look like 47mm for some reason 47 sounds very big..

Mark: Thanks for this video. I've only seen the negative display version. This one is quite nice looking.

Ian k: I have had one for years and at the moment it is asleep in my suit case, but I must get it out and make sure it is charged.  They are good watches and very useful I would like to see them in led form

Yeoube: is the watch made out of plastic or a metal?

Kai Lee: Well I'm going to make decision between Protrek, g-shock and suunto for trekking, any advice will be appreciated.

Martin Robert-Alarie: how do you change the setting from meter to foot for the altimeter?? thanks!

Kerry Bond: has anyone had any problems with the temperatures being incorrect?

Sukhbold Sukhbaatar: how about if you wear that watch in asia what about measurments? how many feet is = meter? temprature celcius =fahrenheit? or this watch has both options to choose depending on where you live? please help all thanks

Дмитрий Гусев: Focus!

NktRules: How long the battery last?

Music For Monetize: what about back light?

Keiya Realist: Oh ! CASIO  PROTREK  PRW3000 !

Marcio Mattos: PELÍCULA PROTETORA DE VIDRO DE RELÓGIO. Protege o vidro do seu relógio de arranhões.

Jeremy D: In your critiques of the watch on your ablogtowatch review, you said the atomic signal is hard to get. It can be hard to get manually, during the day. But it is designed to automatically receive the signal at between midnight and 4 AM, when a signal in this frequency range propagates best. Just leave it on a windowsill in your house facing Colorado, and it'll sync automatically every night.

Nevertheless, I can't WAIT to get my hands on one of these. They're now going for around $240 on Amazon.

PRG270 goes for $130, but hasn't got atomic sync and is notably bigger, as you mention in your written review.

voodoo doll: The watch has actually 4 sensors : compass baro alti and thermometer

voodoo doll: I have this watch since it got out, from Japan and I cant change from metric to imperial, i have the reverse screen model all black but ill get one like yours too, looks cool
Casio ProTrek PRW3000 Watch Review 5 out of 5

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Casio ProTrek PRW3000 Watch Review