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fostered333: A muslim and a black? Hyperviolent meets hypercriminal. She dead.

Zara Fall: This damn translator needs a damn translator.

Awyatt Mann: That dirty crap skin did it. I'm happy the sand nigger is going to rot in prison for the rest of his life.

Hymn You: Adnan Syed killed her without a doubt. Feel bad for this family- while the rest of the gulable chumps (that were not at the court case/only listened to a biased podcast) cheer on a freaking murderer.

French_toast_jj: you mean Adnan, like damn get the names right some people have essays to be writing, but this is the first time i've really seen and heard from hea's parents other then from the podcast , this wont necessarily help me put i was interested to hear from them.

maggy: I always thought it was her boyfriend not adnan. But someone knows the truth and doesn't want to say it. I feel sorry for Hae, what a beautiful person and athletic student that was murdered. It is just a shame!!!

Scamuel Chung: adnan freaking did it

Nyda S: I think it was her bf not her ex-bf, Adnan. Listen to 'TRUTH & JUSTICE' podcast episode #129. Bob Ruff breaks it down! He's terrific at researching and investigating. He's not bias what so ever because he searches for the TRUTH no matter what. If there's any evidence leaning towards guilty for the party that he supports, than so be it. He will share all the info that he gathers with us because he doesn't have an agenda and it's all about finding TRUTH & JUSTICE. 99% of what he says is on point and if he makes a mistake, he's not afraid to correct himself and lets us know. He tells it like it is and every episode leaves you shocked and wanting more. For those that still believe that the state has the right person, you might change your mind after listening to T&J podcast. Also, wouldn't it be a tragedy if and when everyone finds out that the state, did in fact, have the wrong person in prison this whole time? That's another life taken away for something he didn't do. I don't want to sound inconsiderate or insensitive because do feel terrible for Hae's family. The reason I believe Adnan is innocent because from listening to these podcast such as 'UNDISCLOSED', they bring to light so much evidence that bombs the states version and if your a rational thinker, you'd understand the reasons of why Adnan couldn't have been involved in Hae's death. UNDISCLOSED is like a sister podcast to SERIAL, for those that don't know. I just hope that that they (the law) find the right person that committed the crime because if not, the real killer is out there living their life. How is that justice for Hae? I pray that all will be right and that Hae's family does find peace and closure.

kazakhseven: Its awful for the family but they need to get the right guy, whether its Syed or someone else.

afsana parvez: man this is like seriously horrific ordeal for the family my heart goes out to them I understand the distressing of this reopen trial and how it felt like closure from this was already serve 15 years ago I just really hope that after all this it wasn't done for nothing and they get down to it receive truth

2243saru: Never date a mudslim.

Melanie Ann: These poor ppl, they have the right guy!! Keep him locked up he killed her

Christopher Barber: terrible job ABC, this whole thing is severely inaccurate starting with the date hae was last seen (it was jan 13th not jan 9th, adnan was on the TRACK team at the time even if he was also a football player, and don't even get me started on the translator---my korean is a bit rusty but even i can tell this is all WHACK)

饺子: pronunciation is not LEE but YI, hae min yi

GaileeSims: both him and jay should have went to jail, that's my satisfaction. Idk if Adnan is innocent because imo, podcast is not enough to tell who is guilty or not. You gotta some more research, I seriously have no idea if he is innocent but jay should have gone to jail, he was involved in it.

Emmanuel Espinal: can we please get a translator for her translator

BayleeBear 4604: anyone else think it was possibly jays girlfriend

Louie P: Police should take a closer look at Adnan's parents, they might have something to do with the crime. The more I dug up the story the more I'm leaning towards the parents.

Ana R: My heart goes to her family. It must be hard now with serial.

dinkybo: Notice how the brother hesitates when he says "friend who did it". Looks like mom didn't know that she used to date Adnan or it was a taboo conversation in the family. Doesn't mean anything but just a remark.
Hae Min Lee's family speaks | Serial podcast 5 out of 5

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Hae Min Lee's family speaks | Serial podcast