Money In 'SHTF' As An Alternative To Bullion

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How To Go Bankless   SHTF Financial Prepping With Silver. Gold. Precious Metal
How To Go Bankless SHTF Financial Prepping With Silver. Gold. Precious Metal
Pouring an 11 oz Silver Bar - SOLD!! (I take comissions if you want one similar!)
Pouring an 11 oz Silver Bar - SOLD!! (I take comissions if you want one similar!)
Alternative Currency Copper Bullion Medallion
Alternative Currency Copper Bullion Medallion

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veritasfiles: Whether you stuff it in the bowl "at the giving thing at church" or in the panties of a stripper?  Hahahaha.....Really?

richz650: I don't support the Federal Reserve's fiat so go freak yourself buddy

8digitPDX: The Lousiana thing was applied to purchases made by pawn shops and resellers. Here in Oregon they have a similar rule for scrap metal dealers. Anything other than plain iron/steel has to be paid by check, no matter how trivial the amount. Those types of transactions are neither day by day nor private. Costco though locally violates the law by refusing to accept cash at their gas stations, but apparently they scam out from under direct violation by telling you to buy a prepaid ATM card.

8digitPDX: My video on this subject strictly deals with day to day transactions, not long term cash hoarding and I stated that very clearly in the video. You can't expect to always use rolls of quarters to pay for filling up your gas tank. The new US $1 coins are a good option and represent a legitimate crossover point for the "Liberty dollar" coins which right now start at a 1 oz copper that has a face value of "$2".

G K: cash is debt money, fiat trash. it's foolish to hold your savings in cash. look at history, how many times sudden economic turmoil and overprinting of fiat money has destroyed people's savings. consider the fact that the dollar today is worth what 4 cents was worth before US citizens were taken off the gold standard. I say the best cash is copper pennies, silver dimes, quarters, 50 cent pieces. all paper money is supporting the federal reserve debt scam that has ruined the USA.

Backyardsoul: A very good film to see is "The Trigger Effect" A real wake-up part of this film was when all the power was out the man had to buy medicine fo his baby from a pharmacist, it was what could happen without any means of making electronic transactions. Good points raised here.

8digitPDX: @Freedomguide I believe in you keeping enough hardware to be combat effective and maybe take care of a few fellow patriots or freedom fighters, but making money with guns and ammo goes two ways, as an arms dealer or living by the gun (robber, hit man or security guard). I divested some weapon related stuff and got more power tools. Almost immediately got in on a remodel job that I could not have done without the new tools.

Ryan L: i see metals getting shorted really soon here, i have tried to spread the small amount of wealth i have around. most being in cash as i have a shared distrust with banks. id say a more realistic concern would be banks shutting their doors and seizing all assets. my paycheck gets cashed every week screw the banks ill be damned if i have to pay to let them make loans using my money.

unclearless: I think when SHTF, the only "Monies" will be things that help them survive in that moment. A simple lighter may be "Worth" more than gold or a Poly/cotton blend (Dollars). I may very well be wrong. Only time will tell.

Steve: no shtf yet, cash is still king when shtf there will be no food in stores no atm no phone no police an cash will be worth something for a short time then smart people will not take the cash for trade thats what I think. Try to by that 5 in 1 harbor freight power unit with cash in shtf the store has 20 an 5000 people want to buy it with cash
Money in "SHTF" as an alternative to bullion 5 out of 5

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