Hand Plane Wide Boards

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Hand Plane Wide Boards
Hand Plane Wide Boards
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My review of the $35 Harbor Freight 5.5 Amp Electric Planer
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star safari: Cosman!! Thanks.

Anand Srivastava: Those shavings are hypnotic.

andres nunez: Dear Roberto, excelentes tus enseñanzas y videos!
Una buena idea sería utilizar tus vídeos, con subtítulos en español, ya que tendrías muchos millones de seguidores, sin dudas... Saludos Teacher!

fzrewagfzaerfer: 1. Why do you pick up the shavings after EACH movement?

2. Isn't it contraproductive to pull the plane BACK... don't you mknd the blade leaving marks when pulling it back over the freshly planed board?

gürkan keleş: compressor worked....=) what a coincidence

Skunky Monk: I love my plane, only got the one atm but its my most favorite tool in the work shop now and so glad I paid a little extra for a decent one, its somehow faster than both the my dinky orbital and noisy belt sanders, the finish when I get it right it is just so much nicer and well somehow it makes me feel good, something about using them that really is relaxing even if it is a little more work.

738polarbear: I have a post underneath this that i did 8 months ago .It was ignorant .I have since adopted this rule trick and yes it DOES work .I left the first post to prove how wrong people can be making snap decisions.

Jay Kepley: You are a fantastic teacher. I hope one day to visit for a class.

Dunstan Forsythe: How do you deal with wood that is really barky meaning the direction of the grain is going both ways very tightly together such as the case of guawngo a hard wood in Jamaica?

daniel tul: 40 years ago, this Army-brat teenager got his license to operate the power tools in the base hobby shop. I still have an image of the behemoth thickness planer producing flat and parallel machined surfaces, which is not necessarily so, as i've learned in recently picking up hand tools and y/t Rob Cosman.
I love how it teaches, by hand and sound. Troubleshooting my cheap planes are frustrating but occasionally rewarding. ( There ought to be a 123 checklist for correcting divots, like a golf-swing ;)

Jesse Taylor: That's a beautiful piece of pine. Thanks for the video. Super instructive. Subscribed!

Avaneesh Singh: Hi Rob,
I have a question (and perhaps a very stupid one)... What good is an electric hand plane you get in the market for such a job?

And thank you for your brilliant videos. There's a ton I get to learn from your shows.

Slant Six: These videos are fantastic! Thank you for posting.

1978ajax: HI Rob
I want to ask you why you bother to remove the shavings after every stroke - I know many people do this, but I've never seen the reason for it. I just remove shavings when they get in my way or when I can no longer see what I'm doing. Have I been missing something all these years? Thanks.

Gary McCoy: Very nice, thanks

jeremy s: the art of pickleing around...i hear you say timesaver! LMAO

Terry Sutton: Love these videos. Planing straight and square is proving difficult for a beginner. Great to watch all the little tips in your process. Would love more wood processing videos like these. Thanks for producing it!

Harry Randles: great video rob thanks for the information in this video and all your video just a thought do you do this to all your planes or just 6and 7
many thanks

GardnersGrendel: Hello. I have seen others approach wide boards by running the plane diagonally from corner to corner alternating diagonals after each series. This makes sense to me as a way to make sure your board is maintaining one plane both lengthwise and across the width. Is there a reason you run lengthwise the whole time? I understand that this is partly address by the way you are skewing your plane so that it is referencing a larger area, but it seems like with all your cuts aligned in one direction you are inviting inconsistencies perpendicular to those cuts. I am probably overthinking this, but curious none the less. Thanks for these videos.

Jake Carter: what brand hand plane do use?
Hand Plane Wide Boards 5 out of 5

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star safari: Cosman!! Thanks.
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Hand Plane Wide Boards