Human Vs Synthetic Hair

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Human Hair Wig vs Synthetic Wig Review (My First Time Wearing A Human Hair Wig)
Wig Review   100% human hair Vs. Synthetic hair
Wig Review 100% human hair Vs. Synthetic hair
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WIG REVIEW 100% Human Hair VS. Synthetic Hair

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Ivana S: I am going through cancer therapy and researching wigs for the first time in my life. I immediately decided to go with the synthetic hair, because just like you I am completely freaked out with an idea of wearing someone else's hair on my head!

Lolo Future: Also the odor on human hair is from chemicals they use to process it and remove nits. Raw virgin human hair where they hand pick nits doesn't have a smell- at least after it's washed.

Lolo Future: I'm 100% with you. I've been really impressed with synthetics and started a collection of about 20 for under $300. Some people spend that one a full head sewin or wig- granted that hair will last years maybe but I like switching up my style too much.

Tamica l: this is just my opinion but more synthetic wigs are looking more natural these days!

Shana J.: I love synthetic wigs. My human hair gets very little play because my synthetic wig is so convenient to just drag on and go! I googled this and came upon this video just to see if it was just me, you are very relatable. New subscriber!

glenda pinal: love the lip color

Lee Williams: I totally agree not wanting to wear another person's hair on my head. Synthetic is cleaner to me.

Mary Beatrice: I prefer the synthetic wigs because: doesn't shed as crazy, is really super easy to maintain, the colors are always super nice and really is clean. Now about the human hair: It tangles, sheds, smell super chemical (doesn't matter how much you wash it) and is really someone else old hair 😫😫😫

SavedbyGrace1103: I agree with you one hundred percent! I'm too busy to style, curl, cut, flat iron, etc. I just don't have the extra time. I love synthetic wigs because of the convenience. I have tons of human hair wigs and it's just too much maintenance so I stopped buying them. So many of the young ladies here on YouTube look great with their human hair wigs and weaves, but I just personally prefer synthetic. No one ever knows I have on a wig; they think it's extensions or a weave. They never believe it's synthetic hair either. By the way, your wig you have on looks just as good if not better than virgin hair. You rock!

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Thank you
(Spencer Hair Bazaar)

Natalie S: Thank you for posting this! I just bought my first synthetic wig. And I started feeling nervous about it after the purchase! But not anymore! Thanks Doll

Ariel H: At this moment in my life, I prefer synthetic wigs. I personally am not skilled enough in styling my hair, or extensions. Coloring, cutting, curling....yeah not my forte. These gurus on youtube make it look so easy, but for many attempting it on our own does not render the same results.Sure, I could take them into a professional but that brings me to my second issue. I am not at a point financially where it would make sense for me to shell out 200+ on a single unit. I have purchased a human hair wig for nearly $400 at one point because I was convinced that it would be a smart long-term investment. That was one of the worst wigs I have ever owned, human or synthetic. The hair was human, but really poor quality as was the construction of the cap. (Even after exchanging it and giving specific details of what I needed). I just can't afford to take another risk like that. I try my best to only wear the most convincing of synthetic wigs. One day, when my bank account stops hating me, I shall return to purchasing human hair. Hopefully by then I will have mastered how to style hair, but if not I will have the extra funds to seek professional guidance.

AlexxPokemonnTrainer: Great video! Very informative, and i agree with you soooo much!

Synthetic hair is my favorite. Synthetic actually always last longer than any human hair ive ever had. Ive had my synthetic hair extensions for 2 years, and they are still beautiful.
My human extensions i only had for 2 months and they are so poopy, and thin now.
I only like Heat friendly synthetic hair though, non heat friendly synthetic hair doesnt last me long at all.

Mariana Cervacio: I like synthetic wigs because the are lighter not soo heavy and it is easy to wash and go but I do like human hair extensions but they are hard to style!!!

Akira AuSet: I've gone back to synthetic hair because virgin hair is way to hard to keep up. That is the one thing a lot of people don't discuss is the up keep of virgin hair. I am too busy to straighten, curl, wash, maintain and just ahhh took much!

Rhyan Siovan: I love this video! I like synthetic because of convenience as well! synthetics can look human too! Synthetic hair has come a long way. I have purchased very expensive wigs before and I had to put so much work into I might as well had worn my real hair lol

nltcraze: I love your hair and makeup here you look so pretty

stephshe100: I use to only wear full lace human hair wigs because I felt like they would last longer.  Now I have started wearing synthetics because its sooo easy to go from curly to straight and I can try all the colors that I'd never try with my human wigs. I can say that my husband prefers my human wigs on me though because he feels they look more natural.

JNicole James: It looks AMAZING on you! 👍

JNicole James: Love this hair! FAB!! And what lip is that?
Human Vs Synthetic Hair 5 out of 5

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Human Vs Synthetic Hair