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thairony thomaz nnonondonnonon: Eu tenho um desse tbm, horrivel!
Udwin: Einfach nur Hammer, wie ihr abgegangen seid, als der Granatwerfer das erste mal gefeuert hat :D
Carrie Vogel: can you please tell me what COLOR you used? I love it :)
ยูกิ Yuukii Hirochita: Please tell me ,How mush capacity of nook I can use and input PDF file?
sezgin gök: androıd 5.0 sürüm tablete uyar mı. teşekkürler
UNICAYGENIAL: Mil gracias..muy bien eexplicado .. he comprado el de la marca " Yefet " me dijo la chica que era bueno.. espero que así sea.. Bendiciones
tvrtkocro28: Both are on one of the best android experiences , yes i would prefer to have m8 but in my country it costs too mutch more than nexus and i think it doesnt really make up for price difference :)

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