ASUS G73H Laptop Review Part 1 Of 5

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ASUS G73H Laptop Review Part 1 of 5
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ASUS G73H Laptop Review Part 5 of 5

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DujuruPrincipe808: bad ass laptop but for some reason i hate the way the case looks; the way the case opens midway from the back. i suppose its an advantage but i dont like it. still a nice laptop tho!

Link340: @bigc90210 @bigc90210 Depends on model. G73SW has 1 USB3 port and G73JW has one too... G73JH doesn't seem to have one though...

Link340: @bigc90210

bigc90210: @cr1tterp0wer Im pretty sure there isn't a USB3 port on this, can you please provide a reliable source for proof? If there's is one, it's news to me and I've owned this for over a year. I could be wrong, but I'm 99% sure there is no USB3 port. Like I say, a link to a source would be handy so we aren't misleading people

naxps: I saw your comments on this review forward slash eJVEm those put some crap into perspective. I was feeling uneasy by this review, it was crapty, I really wanted it, then I saw your comments, you're right, they prolly got a model that didn't include the accessories though. Imma purchase this pc.

naxps: Where did you purchase this with all the goodies?

Ernesto Dobrowolski D.M.: Hey there, i liked you review..and by the way im struggling deciding wich laptop to buy for a full.. "extreme" usage of sound music production softwares, wich mainly eats the hell out of RAM...and well i send you a private message. But mainly its about what laptop can suit better to my needs, such as: Huge amount of RAM, for Ableton Live, etc..Bluray movies at 1080.the hotest games..maybe between the Alienware and this Asus, wich one is better? i also find Asus G73JW G73 i7-740QM 12GB GTX460M

orestesdd: Does anyone know where this guy bought the laptop?

orestesdd: Where did you buy it?

GTXNate: @kickmeout1 embarrassing?

Fábio Loureiro: did the headset come with the laptop or you just bought it separately?

DBF93: @bigc90210 Ah sweet, how do you find carrying it around? any other problems?

bigc90210: @claudiosanchezisgod1 haha, wallsend born n bred mate, where you from?

bigc90210: @drmcgog google it mate ;)

bigc90210: @TheRES74 yup

bigc90210: @shuttle2w3 Its still brilliant like the day i bought it mate. I made a list of things to do (see extra videos/my website) when you first get one to get it sorted to go. One more thing, the software it comes with for managing power (Power4Gear Hybrid) causes your wallpaper to reset each time you restart your laptop. Its down to an old version, uninstall it n get the new version, sorted. Apart from that its amazing, be sure to boost the warranty from 2 to3 years though, its only £70 extra

DBF93: Hey mate, how do you find the computer? im thinking of getting an new laptop for gaming and work ( soon going to UNI) weight wise not a problem cause im a pretty big does this compare to M15X and gaming wise? user friendly?

bigtimerz77: its just your usual jiz 2:32

Syah Keciqz: is that steel series siberia v2????

DBF93: @bigc90210 Where is the upgrading screen? or u cant upgrade? wats better Aleinware m15x, EON 15(not 3d) and ASUS G73. Mainly for schoo land gaming! money not issue and size doesnt matter
ASUS G73H Laptop Review Part 1 of 5 5 out of 5

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ASUS G73H Laptop Review Part 1 of 5