The BEST Way To Apply Mascara - My Tips For Perfect Lashes!!!

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The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!!
The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!!
My Mascara Routine (ft. Maybelline One by One) β™‘
My Mascara Routine (ft. Maybelline One by One) β™‘
The Correct Way to Apply Mascara   Makeup Tips   Beauty How To
The Correct Way to Apply Mascara Makeup Tips Beauty How To

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Rachel Kappius: *This video is in no way meant to offend anyone who applies their mascara in a different way. This is the method that I have found to be the most effective for myself and one that works for a lot of others as well. My comments at the beginning of the video were in reference to people (on YouTube) who complain about their lashes without trying out different techniques. Everyone, including myself, has room for improvement but if you are satisfied with your current routine, then by all means stick to it.
To everyone else, I hope you enjoy this video and that it helps you out!*

Madison O'Leary: God Bless my eyelashes never looked so good

SQUISHALOT 1524xxx: Your eyes are a beautiful colour πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜„

Sapphira Glow: Wow it’s great

Eva Markun: you have some beautiful eyes gilr. liked the vidio keep on the nice work <3

Nicole Isom: This method really does work. I have incredibly short, sparse lashes and it helps immensely. A friend taught me how to do it years ago, however I stopped using it pretty quickly. Not because there was anything wrong with it but because I have really sensitive, really watery eyes and the way this method builds product on the base caused massive smudging on me and ran into my eyes really badly. I tried waterproof mascara and always cleaned the wand of excess and tried several formulas/brands but they all did the same thing. If they didn't run they flaked into my eyes which hurt even worse. The only way to avoid it was going back to avoiding the base of my lashes and just tightlining to compensate. But if you don't have sensitive eyes this method is amazing.

Sophie Henton: this is amazing

Crystal Browning: You know what... we are all beautiful in our own unique way... I have long lashes... BUT l always have room for improvement... it's like being trained by 5 different people... take what you can use from each one and make it your own! You are beautiful hon... keep smiling and being you!

glittercupcake: I like how it turned out but your attitude is horrible

KCrack: Girl this was a great tutorial I needed this! I completely understand πŸ‘Œ I be watching other tutorials and I'm like uhhhh no. So don't listen to the people complaining cuz this was really good! πŸ‘πŸ‘

I can't think of a name: This video helped a lot :))

Nancy Ukponmwan: Finally someone that actually explains properly

Brandon N: You are so talented.

Crystal Trevor: Watching this while curling my lashes πŸ˜‚

Celery: She sounds like Dakota Fanning.

Cindy De Rozario: U hv nice thick eye lashes... i hv sparse lashes and virtually nothing on my lower lids... so u r very lucky to hv beautiful eyes!

morpheus goddess: I'm too scared to do mascara -.-

morpheus goddess: oh cmon let's be honest. There are tons of girls who apply mascara the wrong way. And if youre just going to say she's judgmental then you're just making an excusing for yourself

yellow love: Ummm am I the only one that her lashes weren’t all separated? I think she made this video for herself. Seems like she likes to hear herself talk and watch herself.

Kendra Kramer: This helped soooo much!! Your so pretty!!
The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!! 5 out of 5

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The BEST Way to Apply Mascara - My Tips for Perfect Lashes!!!