NEW 2014 BMW X5 F15, E70, E53 - REVIEW

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NEW 2014 BMW X5 F15. E70. E53 - REVIEW
NEW 2014 BMW X5 F15. E70. E53 - REVIEW
NEW 2014 BMW X5 F15. E70. E53 REVIEW
NEW 2014 BMW X5 F15. E70. E53 REVIEW
BMW X5 twin test - upgrading from E70 to F15
BMW X5 twin test - upgrading from E70 to F15
2014 BMW X5 review   Consumer Reports
2014 BMW X5 review Consumer Reports
BMW X5 Diesel Long Term Review - Owners Experience
BMW X5 Diesel Long Term Review - Owners Experience

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Clarence Callahan: lots of faulty infos in the video

Berenice VAN SCHALKWYK: I bought this car second-hand and only later found that the car was in a rear smash. Now I'm spending so much on services because the one problem after the other pop's up. Today I saw a message on my control panel that says "Dynamic Damping Control Failure". I checked the car manual but after an hour of searching, could not find any advice, nor on the internet.PLEASE HELP ANYONE. WHAT SHOULD I DO? IS IT DANGEROUS? CAN I STILL DRIVE THE CAR? CAN'T AFFORD RIGHT NOW TO HAVE IT FIXED.

TmoE39er: E53 looks the best. Rugged and sharp. E70 is bubbly and softer. F15 looks like a big x3 (not good) at times the f15 reminds me of American SAVs. Obviously there are more features and technology in new ones, but it's also more to go wrong. My personal opinion is that e39, e46, and e53 were BMWs peak.

Adam Johnson: anyone who thinks the older x5's look better than the new one is either dellusional or a jealous owner of an older model.  I have owned both previous generations of x5's and I just ordered a 2014 xdrive50i.  I can tell you that the 2014 x5 has improved SIGNIFICANTLY in almost every aspect.  The exterior is a lot more robust and refined, the interior is better than any SUV on the market (pure luxury), and the drive is like a fast sports car.  445HP with 0-60 in 4.9.  This is the ultimate vehicle with no compromises to sportiness, utility, or luxury.  If you don't believe me, go test drive one and prepare to be blown away.  I test drove them all, Rover sport, full size rover, ml, gl, cayenne, a7, nothing holds a candle to the new x5.

Be Babo: one of my aim of future is buy a X5 !!! before i am 32 years old!!!!

athan4australia: It looks so strong. So much better than the 2nd gen

athan4australia: Sexiest car in the planet!!!!

Mr Berry: BMW makes too many freaking models.

pouya farchadi: 1999? I remember it came out in '03 when i started highschool..

TheDx917: The GL doesn't sell ?? yeah right...

smp336: it wont sell like the gl doesn't sell

frankelmachine: it has to do with the currency conversion but yes the messed up thing is that all the luxury brands are more expensive in germany than buying an imported car in the states ....

TheDx917: great

Silvester94T3: they are

Toft M: the thing I really don't get is that you pay about 16 thousands US dollars( 12 000 Euros) more for a BMW X5 when you buy it in germany. its a GERMAN car!!! What the hell?

JineVune: Anyone who wants a BMW like this can have one. Work from home $40 to start Make referrals and earned $80 per referral You can make hundreds per week!! Contact me at

punchthedog: You are right, Chris Brow is German.

Easyontheeyes: This is no review its an ad..surprising they havent released the car for review...not confident ? ..anyways since i couldnt get a review i have ordered the new srt is badass...the x5 design anyways is disappointing

ChapeauMill: Un-placeable.
NEW 2014 BMW X5 F15, E70, E53 - REVIEW 5 out of 5

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NEW 2014 BMW X5 F15, E70, E53 - REVIEW