Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit

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Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit
Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit
Wallabot Review
Wallabot Review
Contractor with 45 years experience - WalabotDIY impressions
Contractor with 45 years experience - WalabotDIY impressions
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Aussie tries out the WALABOT
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Walabot DIY on Fox news

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Ali Jablway: Thank you for taking the time to demonstrate this device. I had high hope for this device based on some of the advertisements that I saw but clearly after watching your demo, especially the wall demo, this device does not do what the ads claim it can do.
You saved me $300 so thank you for that and will keep doing what I have been doing till another device that works better come to the market.

Mikej1592: They offer a DIY kit for just $60 US now, 2 years after your review, I wonder if its as good, will need to do some more research.

bigdaddykurt: bla bla bla this is NOT a real review.

Bee Tee: you are doing a review on a device to see if it works or not, we regular people dont have oscilloscope and all that technical equipment we need to know what is behind the wall, do you if an electrician or plumber or eve a photo hanger the device stop working would he care about fixing it, or what is inside it. thanks for you effort but wasted 30 minutes of my time.

tt young: Needs a thumbs up or thumbs down at the beginning of the review, then the details. Overall a decent review.

Mohsen Jakson: Very informative. Thanks

John Strange: Garbage.

Maxkil: I was going to buy it till i watched your video. Promo videos looked good and they followed me around the internet for months

LoneWanderer360: If all it shows is a purple or yellow line, how can you tell apart a stud VS a conduit behind drywall? Electrical wire is often stapled right to the studs. Will it even show you two separate objects or only one? I think I'll pass on this for now. $600 is an expensive stud finder (that doesn't find studs).

begoodenblues: What kind of a BS review is that? Nothing to do with how you're supposed to use it in real life application.
1st: this is basically a sophisticated in walls studs/pipes/wires finder.
2nd: it's supposed to be used to find stuff hidden behind concrete and drywall surfaces.
3rd: you usually don't have "in-walls studs/pipes/wires" under a "wooden/particle board/plastic" desk.
4th: when using a stud finder (no matter how sophisticated it is) you always follow a straight (either horizontal,vertical, or diagonal) line from point A to point B, you don't twist nor swing the unit around as you do, common sense...
5th: when calibrating you need to do it a couple times in different areas on your wall or ceiling so you don't get a false calibration if you unknowingly calibrate the unit on top of an existing studs/pipes/wires.

John S: Great video...thank you!

Naicul Naiculandru: maybe you could became a gost hunter with such a devices spread around into a hunted house :)))

tpdtopcop2010: Not for iPhone! Pass

hsoo2: Complete garbage. a total junk...

Dorian Giorno: Thank god I you tubed this review I didn't blow my money on this piece of expensive crap.
I Found a similar product like this on Alliexpress for only around $30 give and take the currency and postage fee.

NL Guy: By-pass the crap, the end-user stuff starts at 22:15

James Cameron: Just wondering if can see female’s body through..anyone have try this?

Shantay Madison: I made it by myself. I used Avasva solutions for that.

Veranda Tales: thx for posting, interesting device which needs more work

Hermiel: Please stop saying literally
Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit 5 out of 5

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Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit