Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit

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Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit
Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit
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Contractor with 45 years experience - WalabotDIY impressions
Wallabot Review
Wallabot Review
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Walabot DIY on Fox news
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What Walabot Does for Electrical Work

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Frank Biz: I'm not impressed at all, if that is the $599.00 model I hate to see the $200.00 or less models. The pipe, stud and wires all looked the same. Thanks for the review, you saved me the money!

exa cj: It's a zionist company, no surprise that they lie about their product

John Campbell: Rf waves can cause tissue damage. They are microwaves.

Frank Stevy: Thanks for the Truth and $500 savings !

MIKE B: wake me up when its over.

Chris W: I'd say its 'interesting' that you know from the desk how the linear sensitivity is much better along the long axis, but you put it on the wall trying to view studs on the short axis. Why?

Bubba Brother: hahaha Jew on Jewtube !! your time is UP -- EARTH IS FLAT .. and you are SCUMS ... go UNDERGROUND ! and stay there !

David Clark: to find the bob ross in your wall buy it to day


TP _plumbing: Sad. Another product that seems to be crap over 200 and it cant tell the different between a stud and a waterline lol. Over priced deviced. Save me money thanks

Barbara Stewart: Thanks for you expert demonstration and explantation.
You just saved me dollars. Some potential to it in the
Future maybe.

Common Sense Tech: Are you sure that you are using it correctly? In the last demonstration if you were holding it over the studs when you calibrated it...then it would think that the studs are part of the wall. Also - maybe there is a difference in the way it senses based on the direction that you hold it...the other videos that I have watched they are holding it the other way when they scan the wall.

Fermin Romero: Great review. The limited RF bandwidth of the UK version in comparison to the USA version greatly affects resolution. I would like to see a comparison before making a conclusion.

Frank Connors: Would be great to have a military grade unit like this. Looks like they still need a lot of work.

S Solomn: OVER EXAGGERATION ======WAKE UP====LIBERTArdb =====its caled a lie

Isabela fernandez: well, I did not see the table leggs ....why.

Dougie Quick: You OBVIOUSLY were being overly kind to this product connected to the computer ...one might have presumed that the "Pro" model would nail it more of less perfectly which you proved to me it can NOT even begin to achieve the level of "somewhat accurate"....it's more of "strong hints something is in this area somewhere" WHICH to some might be huge ...but for me? THAT much money? They can KEEP IT ...As is something like might be worth like $20 for a lark ...you could not trust it to safely cut through a surface ...whatever precious utility or whatever is under there? I'm pretty confident is NOT been accurately located ...thumbs down for the computer link up ...Now with phone on top? At least for simple things? Could be valuable ....for walls? Looks SO MUCH less valuable than other techniques ...translates to? They are gonna have to either A LIE their ass off to sell them or B be honest and sell it SO SO SO much cheaper

Weslag1: At 22:43, it looks to me like it is showing the same image for a PVC pipe, a wall stud, and a human arm... I don't see that as terribly different from a $69 stud finder...

John Wulf: Sooooo... I am investigating the walabot and purchasing it for myself, to use with my phone in a construction environment.
I thought you review was good, but after reading the comments from Kevin Karbonik and especially from Andrew Miller, I realized what I thought were some discrepancies in your review. And while I read your disclaimer at the beginning of your video, which absolves you of the possibility of mistakes, I do feel like you should respond to Kevin's and Andrew's points, and maybe do a second video showing the use of the walabot in a vertical manner on the wall instead of horizontal, and just dragging it across the table as if you DIDN'T know what the path was of the wire underneath.
While I felt your review was a VERY genuine one, I feel is has left me with almost as many questions about the validity of this product, before I saw your review as after I saw the review and read the comments. I was hoping to see your review and be able to make a buying decision, but I an not able to do that.

It does not work and they will not support the product!
Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit 5 out of 5

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Walabot Review - RF Radar / Imager / Sensor Development Kit