Let's Kinda Play Dress Up The Trollsens | PETA Games Part 16

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Pixie Dust: It says "forward to friends" when you're finished.

Why would you send it to a friend? I wouldn't send it to my worst enemy!

Pixie Dust: They look malnourished.
That's what happens when you're vegan, kids! :D

Kerflufle: I'm actually liking this video cause of how many of peta2's game video "walkthroughs/plays" of this! Peta2 has taken down everything that goes against them xD

Honestc04Aj: KILL PETA!

REAL RALPH PANDA: freak YOU crapI the poop

Awesome Armadillo: what the freak PETA you're doing it all wrong not all people wear fur for fashion you know some wear it to keep themselves warm in Alaska people do that and they don't wear for fashion they wear for warmth

Lilly Dream: I HATE U!!!! Crying

catlover583: am i the only one who didn't know the trollsens were real people?

catlover583: +suka nekoto. and that everyone who wears fur is hideous.

Suka Nekoto: PETA, what are you even trying to say in this game? It looks more like they're promoting wearing bloody fur coats than anything.
Let's Kinda Play Dress Up The Trollsens | PETA Games Part 16 5 out of 5

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Ded Ender 072: next time add background music or something...its kinda akward with the silence
gundam116: What about the helbrute
TableTennis Addict: spielst du den noch?
Linda: Reggie, you are my hero. I'm not coming on to you, I just really enjoy your videos and the material you cover.  Your teachings are my inspiration.  Keep on Keepin' on
Sam R: Sorry, just figured it out!

Let's Kinda Play Dress Up The Trollsens | PETA Games Part 16