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Mii Maker: Is that really the official nintendo product? I can't see "Nintendo seal of quality" somewhere on the box.
그림덕후: 마인크래프트 포켓몬 모드 해주세요!
виктор петрович: Приветствую. Трасса нужна на него? Нержа, японская, отдам почти даром.
martyhb1: Hi, I used an auger from Bruder I think... was one of their farm models which I adapted. I ended up not using it because it was unreliable, so ended up using a second conveyor belt which was far more reliable.
Galleon Chua: If you want it less laggier,use command line :D
JPM Designs LLC.: Can you feature my poop Scooper? Here is my link: https://youtu.be/ijmlcKMmNoY
Uygar KAYA: Is A7 FWD ? im surprised.

[오타TV 마인크래프트 - 야생에서 건축한다] 06일차 #02 그래픽 넘나 아름다운 것. 쉐이더 깔고 건축한다.