Runner's Knee IT-Band Compression Strap Review Pro Tec

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Runner's Knee IT-Band Compression Strap Review Pro Tec
Runner's Knee IT-Band Compression Strap Review Pro Tec
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Daniel Pimblett: iv had IT band issues in both knees, my right passed in a few weeks but my left atm won't shift and i stretch and roll it every day.

Stefan Wagner: It worked for me too! Did you eventually ween off the compression band? Or do you have to wear it for now on?

Scott Kishere: Dude I really appreciate this video... thank you! I am running the NYC marathon 2 months today and I am petrified as I did London back in April and at mile 15 my IT band gave me pain like I have never had before and I had to push through the remaining 11 mile. I will be ordering one of these

Christian Taphoorn: After 20 minutes same old problem...runnersknee.. strab did not work for me..

Hamed Ebrahimi: Hi, I feel my IT band stretched after running. What's the diff between this brace and the one I see people wear under their knee? Which one is better to hold the knee in place.

Carlos Bienes: Hello, i was wondering long term use... where you able to eventually run without it? or you continue to use it?

Emily 7: Thanks for showing the placement! Without this, I'm not sure I would've been able to properly position the wrap!

Drea Gets Fit: thank you!!

Amos Bethel: I think they changed the material. I had an older version that worked great. Well, I lost it and bought a new one and it slips constantly. Wished they had left it alone.

lahuzer: Any1 have a link to where I can buy this?

Fettster: Man your legs are so skinny. I got one of these today and tried it on and the first velcro doesn't even reach the end so it just rubs on my leg. I may need to get the larger size. It stayed on until I went indoors and got real sweaty and then it fell off because of the sweat when I went back indoors. It seemed to work for the pain though.

Jim Sorrels: Thanks for this video. I was about to cancel the Space Coast Half. I was unable to run past 6 miles while training due to excessive pain. Based on this video, I used this exact band and finished with only minor pain. Placement is the key and , as you mentioned, not well explained. You saved my race and final 2015 goal.

Sonny Corleone: I have suffered with runners knee for months now had to cancel my start date for army basic training due to not being able to run! I am back on track now thanks to you and this video. People this actually does work I run fine now brought it off amazon.

Ben D: HI bro, i was diagnosed runners knee, do i have to use the strap all the time or only when i run?

Emerset Farquharson: I've seen someone else (/watch?v=3Pl3puCIs0U) put something similar below their knee-cap instead of above it also to eliminate runner's knee. Do you know the difference between these methods?

kari grippo: Thanks so much for this review, very helpful. Just got my strap in the mail and plan to use it tomorrow. How many miles do you usually run while wearing the strap? Getting back to running after taking a couple days of rest from itbs but ultimately I will be running about 9-13 a day... Do you think it will continue to alleviate the pain for that long?

Nick Morgan: This thing is awesome. Went from being unable to run more than 4 miles to getting right back to 30+ mile weeks immediately.

Sasha: Hello thank you for this video it was very helpful! I was wondering if you only wear this when running or would it be beneficial to also wear throughout the day like at work or around the house? Thanks!!

Himanshu Bachchas: thanks dude, I ran my first half marathon, I used to run 5 km but I jumped from 5 km to 21 km directly, so got the runner's knee, on both knees outer sides... good explanation, by the way the fact that proper stretching exercises can do help is key information for me... thanks

JJ Maritz: I couldn't wait to get to town and buy one of these bands, so I took a smallish flat river rock and duct-taped it to my leg in the same position that you explained in the video and it seemed to almost immediately alleviate the pain in my knee.....just worried about the pain that the duct-tape is causing around my leg now ;-)
Runner's Knee IT-Band Compression Strap Review Pro Tec 5 out of 5

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Runner's Knee IT-Band Compression Strap Review Pro Tec